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Similar words: atarraingt · tarraing · tarraingí · arraing · astarraingt
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tarraingt could be a grammatical form of: tarraing »
tarraingt, f. (gs. -gthe, pl. ).1. vn. of tarraing1. 2. (a) Pull, tug. ~ a thabhairt, to give a pull. Bhain sí ~ as mo mhuinchille, she tugged at my sleeve. Ar an gcéad ~, at the first heave. ~ na téide, tug-of-war. (b) Drag, haul; haulage, traction. ~ cloch, haulage of stones. Níl ~ na gcos ann, he can hardly drag his feet along. Tá ~ bhacaíola ann, he has a limp. Is fada an ~ é, it is a long haul. Capall tarraingthe, draught-horse. Inneall tarraingthe, traction-engine. Úim tharraingthe, draught-harness. Bain lúb den ~, shorten the draught-chain by a link. 3. Drawing, extraction. ~ fiacla, extraction of teeth. ~ lustain, weed-picking. ~ fola, blood-letting. Bain ~ as an tae, let the tea draw a while. 4. Potentiality to draw. Tá ~ ar airgead aige, he has money to draw on. An mhaoin a bhfuil ~ agam uirthi, the means I have at my disposal. Bhí ~ chuige aige, he had something to draw on, a source of revenue. Tá ~ mo láimhe agam, I have enough to keep me going. Bain do tharraingt as, take what you want of it. 5. (a) Draught, suction. ~ i simléar, draught in chimney. ~ gaoithe i ndoras, draught in doorway. (b) Draught, swig. ~ a bhaint as buidéal, to take a swig out of a bottle. D’ól sé ~ a chinn den leann, he took a large draught of the ale. (c) Suck. ~ a bhaint as píopa, to take a pull at a pipe. (d) Strain; spasm. Tá ~ suas air, he is breathing heavily. S.a. orla. 6. Stretch. ~ a bhaint as leaistic, to stretch elastic. Tiocfaidh ~ as, it will stretch. 7. (Of speech) ~ a bhaint as focal, to draw out, drawl out, a word. Tá ~ ina chuid cainte, he speaks with a halt. 8. Stroke. ~ de bhata, blow of a stick. 9. Drawing, delineation. ~ figiúirí, figure-drawing. 10. (a) Attraction, lure. Tá ~ súl inti, she attracts notice. Tá ~ an tslua ann, it attracts the crowd. ~ an bhaile mhóir, the lure of the city. (b) Frequentation, resort. Is ann a bhíodh mo tharraingt, it is where I was wont to go. Cá bhfuil do tharraingt anois? Where are you heading for now? Tá ~ na dúiche ar an siopa sin, everybody in the locality goes to that shop. (c) Demand. Tá ~ ar shiúcra inniu, there is a demand for sugar today. 11. (a)~ siar, withdrawal. (b)~ tríd, confusion. Tranglam agus ~ tríd, bustle and confusion. (c)Do tharraingt aniar! Bravo! 12. Bot:~ ar éigean, short sedge-like grass.
Tá sé ag dul, ag tarraingt, ~, he is dying.
~ a tharraingt, a chaitheamh, ar dhuine, todraw, cast, suspicion on s.o.
D’~ a tharraingt, to draw breath; to rest.
Níl tarraingt m’anála ionam, I can hardly breathe; I am very weak.
An t-~ a chur, a tharraingt, to cast, drag, anchor.
~ a bhearnú, a tharraingt, to tap a barrel.
Airgead a thógáil, a tharraingt, as an m~, to draw money from the bank.
~ cónasctha, rinse, sleamhnáin, tarraingthe, connecting-, tommy-, slide-, draw-, bar.
~ a tharraingt, a bhualadh (ar), to aim, strike, a blow (at).
Tarraingt (go) ~ ar rud, to use something sparingly.
Bain tarraingt do chinn as, take a good draught of it.
~ tharraingthe, light casting-stone.
Bhí sé ag tarraingt na g~ ina dhiaidh, he was dragging his feet.
Tarraingt chrua, hard pull.
~ tarraingthe, tractive power.
~ a tharraingt, a chaitheamh, ar dhuine, to bring s.o. into contempt.
Do dhintiúir a tharraingt, a bhaint amach, to take up one’s indentures.
~ a thuilleamh, a tharraingt ort féin, to gain oneself a bad name.
~ a tharraingt ar dhuine, to bring s.o. into contempt.
~ a tharraingt idir dhaoine, to cause dissension between people.
~ a tharraingt ort féin, to bring dishonour on oneself.
~ a tharraingt, a stoitheadh, to pull a tooth.
~ a tharraingt ar dhuine, to cause animosity against s.o.
~ a dhoirteadh, a tharraingt, to shed, draw, blood.
Tarraingt na láimhe de rud a bheith agat, to have sth. to draw on; to have enough of sth. for one’s needs.
Ag tarraingt ar an ~, approaching the half-century.
a tharraingt, to draw a line.
~ a tharraingt ort féin, to bring oneself into disrepute.
~ a tharraingt ort féin, to draw enmity on oneself.
Ag tarraingt uisce ar do mhuileann féin, drawing water to one’s own mill.
Tarraingt ~, inclination to vomit, retch.
Tá tarraingt ~ ar an leanbh, the child is retching.
~ duine a tharraingt, a thógáil, to take a picture of s.o.
2. Rud a tharraingt de réir ~, to draw sth. to scale.
~ tarraingthe, drawing-knife.
~eacha a tharraingt ort, a thochailt, to rake up the past, to re-open old sores.
~ a ligean, a tharraingt, to snore.
An ~ a tharraingt, to pull up the stake; to cast aside restraint.
Thug mé tarraingt don rópa agus tháinig sé liom, I pulled at the rope and it came away with me.
Rópa a tharraingt, to pull a rope.
Ná bí ag ~t mo mhuinchille, don’t keep tugging at my sleeve.
Cairt, carráiste, carr sleamhnáin, a tharraingt, to draw a cart, a carriage, a sledge.
Ag ~t céachta, drawing a plough.
Ag ~t go teann, pulling hard.
Clocha, móin, uisce, a tharraingt, to draw stones, turf, water.
Ag ~t lóin, drawing provisions.
Líonta a tharraingt, to draw nets.
Cuirtín, dallóg, a tharraingt, to draw a curtain, a blind.
Maide rámha a tharraingt, to pull an oar.
Srian a tharraingt, to draw rein.
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