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tiarna, m. (gs. ~, pl. ). Lord. 1. An T~ (Dia), the Lord (God). Lá an T~, the Lord’s day. A Thiarna (Dia)! Good Lord! Ár dT~ (Íosa Críost), Our Lord (Jesus Christ). Sa bhliain d’aois an T~ . . ., in the year of Our Lord . . . S.a. paidir 1. 2. (a) Master, ruler. ~í na cruinne, the lords of creation. ~ dúiche, ~ tíre, lord of the manor. ~ feodach, feudal lord. (b) Peer. Teach na dTiarnaí, (British) House of Lords. T~ Mhaigh Eo, Lord Mayo. (c) Owner of leased or tenanted property. ~ talún, landlord. ~ suímh, ground-landlord. 3. (As title of nobility or distinction) ~ easpaig, lord bishop. A thiarna easpaig, my lord bishop. ~ aba, lord abbot. ~ seansailéara, lord chancellor. ~ cabhlaigh, sea-lord.
(Míle go leith) ~ Íosa, an Tiarna, (1500) Anno Domini.
~ an Tiarna, the handmaid of the Lord.
~ an Tiarna, (in) the year of our Lord.
~ láimhe an Tiarna, the handmaid of the Lord.
Tiarna ~, lord protector.
~ ár dTiarna, the divinity of our Lord.
~ Dé, an Tiarna, the fear of God, of the Lord.
Tús na h~ eagla an Tiarna, wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord.
Ach nár ~ a thiarna leis é, but that his lord did not enjoin it on him.
Tiarnaí Gael ag dul ar fuarú, the lords of the Gael dying out.
An drong nár ghabh leis mar thiarna, those people who did not accept him as their lord.
~ de thoil an Tiarna, tenancy at the will of God.
Tháinig mé ar d’~, a Thiarna, I have put myself in thy charge, O Lord.
Fad a bhí siad faoi ~ na dtiarnaí, whilst they were in the power of the landlords.
Tiarna ~, absentee landlord.
Tiarna, teampall, féile, ~, honoured lord, temple, feast.
An Phaidir, P~ an Tiarna, the Lord’s Prayer.
An Pháis, P~ Chríost, P~ ár dTiarna, the Passion (of Christ, of Our Lord).
Ar ~ an Tiarna, under the shadow of the Lord.
Shéan Peadar an Tiarna, Peter denied the Lord.
Shir mé an Tiarna, I sought the Lord.
Tiarnaí agus taoisigh, lords and chieftains.
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