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uabhar, m. (gs. -air).1. Pride, arrogance. Peaca an uabhair, the sin of pride. Tá an dream sin ag dul chun uabhair, in ~, those people are getting high and mighty. Nach ort atá an t-~! Aren’t you stuck-up! Aren’t you hard to please! S.a. aingeal1. 2. Wounded pride. Tháinig ~ uirthi, she was offended. ~ goil, fit of weeping (from disappointment, indignity). 3. (a) Spiritedness, exuberance. Bainfidh sin an t-~ de, that will cool him down. (b) (Act of) frolicking; frolicsomeness. Gamhna, uain, ag ~, calves, lambs, frisking. 4. (a) Rankness, luxuriance. ~ fáis, rank growth. Tá na barra prátaí ag dul in ~, the potato-tops are growing rank. Níl mórán uabhair san eorna sin, that barley is hardly flourishing. (b)~ (na) gealaí, moon illusion. 5. Eeriness, feeling of loneliness.
Uabhar agus ~, pride and arrogance.
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