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abar, m. (gs. & npl. -air, gpl. ~).1. Boggy ground, morass. 2. (In phrases) In ~, bogged down, stuck in the mud; in a difficulty. Duine a fhágáil san ~, to leave s.o. in the lurch. 3. ~ tirim, dried top material of bog.
~ amach é, say it aloud, speak out.
~ an fhírinne, tell the truth.
~ leis féin é, say it to himself.
~ ina scillingí é, express it in shillings.
~ i nGaeilge é, say it in Irish.
~ nach bhfuil baint agat leis, say you have nothing to do with it.
~ é! ~ sin! Dúirt tú é! D’fhéadfá a rá! You’ve said it! You’re perfectly right!
~ leat, continue your story; say what you have to say.
~, abraimis, go bhfuil an ceart agat, assuming that you are right.
~ Seán anseo, take Seán here for instance.
Dá mbeifeá i nGaillimh, ~, supposing you were in Galway.
~ d’urnaí, say your prayers.
~ an dán sin dúinn, recite that poem for us.
~ i mo dhiaidh é, repeat it after me.
~ amhrán, sing a song.
~ leis fanacht liom, tell him to wait for me.
Abair ~ go bhfuil sé fíor, suppose it is true.
Abair ~ é, say it out, aloud.
Abair ~ dúinn, scaoil ~ chugainn, give us a song.
Abair as Gaeilge é, say it in Irish.
Abair ~, say little.
Abair ~ nó dhó, give us a stave or two.
Abair an rud atá ar do chroí, say what you really want to say.
Ní dheachaigh ~ riamh in abar, a miss is as good as a mile.
Abair lena dhraid é, cast it in his teeth.
Abair ~ eile, give us, sing, another verse (of song).
Abair is ea nó ní hea, say yes or no.
Abair leis go raibh mé á fhiafraí, tell him I was asking for him.
Abair a fhíor liom, tell me truly.
Abair i gcogar é, say it in a whisper.
Abair leat, say on.
Abair i do mheanma é, say it to yourself.
abair beginning with
Abair é is bí ~ leis, say it and get it over with.
Ná bí ag ~ leis (ach abair amach é), don’t hum and haw about it (but say it out).
Abair ~ agus anuas leis é, say it to his very face.
Abair d’~, say your prayers.
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