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uain could be a grammatical form of: uan »
uain1, f. (gs. ~e, pl. ~eacha).1. Opportune time, free time; occasion; opportunity. ~ a fháil ar rud a dhéanamh, to find time to do sth. Nuair a bhí ~ agam air, when I had time to do it. Ag fanacht leis an ~, waiting for the opportune moment. Níl ~ scíthe agam, I haven’t time to rest. Ag súil le h~ aithrí, hoping for time to repent. S.a. urla 1. 2. Interval of time; space, respite. I gceann na huaine sin, at the end of that time. Ba ghearr a h~ ar an saol, her span of life was short. Ní thabharfadh sé ~ lae dom, he wouldn’t give me a day’s respite. Iarr ~ air leis na fiacha a íoc, ask him for time to pay the debts. 3. Turn, spell. Is é m’~ é, it is my turn. Tá an ~ agam ort, my turn comes before yours. ~ cheárta, mhuilinn, turn to be served at the forge, at the mill. Tá siad ag baint ~e dá chéile, they are trying to take precedence over one another; they are vying with one another. 4. Weather, season. Bhí an ~ go hálainn, the weather was beautiful. 5. (Dative pl. form ~ibh used in phrase) Ar ~ibh, by turns; at times, occasionally.
uain2, f. (gs. ~e, pl. ~eacha). Wave. ~ farraige, sea-wave. ~ bhriste, broken wave; chop. ~ gháire, ripple of laughter.
uain3. (In phrase) Ar ~ ar éigean = ar inn ar éigean :inn2.
uain4, m = uaithne2.
uain5 :uan1,2.
Bíonn uain ag na caoirigh san earrach, the sheep have lambs in the spring.
Tá na huain, na gamhna, ag ~, the lambs, calves, are frisking.
uain, lao, searraigh, lambing, calving, foaling.
~ uaine, garfish.
Tá na huain ag cruthú maith go leor, the lambs are showing fair promise.
Uain ag damhsa, lambs frisking.
Ar an ~, opportunely.
Le cúnamh Dé agus na ~e, God willing and the weather permitting.
Tá an chaora ag iompar uain, the sheep is in lamb.
~ uain, lamb’s lettuce, corn-salad.
~ ghorm, uaine, enteromorpha, green slime.
~ uain, tiny lamb.
Uain ag ~, lambs sporting.
Ó uain ráithe, from three-month-old lambs.
1. ~ linbh, uain, éin, pet child, lamb, bird.
An ~ dearg, uaine, ómra, the red, green, amber, light.
Nuair a chuaigh comhaireamh ar na huain, when the lambs were counted.
~ lao, ~ searraigh, ~ uain, parturition (of cow, mare, sheep).
~ uaine, a sea of green.
Gamhna, uain, ag ~, calves, lambs, frisking.
Bhí dath na h~ air, he was green in the face.
Breith ar an uain ar an ~, to take time by the forelock.
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