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ucht, m. (gs. ~a, pl. ~anna).1. Chest; breast, bosom. (a)~ clárach, cúng, leathan, fionnaitheach, flat, narrow, broad, hairy, chest. Chuir sé ~ air féin, he threw out his chest. ~ le h~, breast to breast, facing each other. Throid siad ~ le h~, they fought at close quarters. Rud a iompar idir d’~ is d’ascaillí, to carry sth. slung across one’s chest. Theann sí an leanbh lena h~, she pressed the child to her bosom. A bhean ~a, the wife of his bosom. Bráthair m’~a, my beloved brother. Éide ~a, chest-armour. Lig sé a ~ ar bharr an bhalla, he leaned over the top of the wall. S.a. clár17, cnámh 1(a), mac 1(a), sleán, snámh12(b).(b)~ ainmhí, éin, breast of animal, of bird. 2. Lap. (a)Suí in ~ duine, to sit in s.o.’s lap. Tóg an naíonán i d’~ tamall, take the baby up on your lap for a while. Chuir sé a cheann in ~ a mháthar, he laid his head on his mother’s lap. (b)In ~ na cinniúna, in the lap of the gods. 3. (a) Breast, upper front. ~ cnoic, breast of hill. ~ loinge, front part of ship. ~ coise, upper part of instep. ~ na rí, the upper forearm. ~ lúirí, front part of cuirass. Crochta ar ~ an aeir, hanging in the upper air. Sheas siad ar ~ an aird, they stood on the slope of the hillock. (b) (Front) strip, face. ~ coirce a bhaint, to reap a strip of corn. ~ oibre a dhéanamh, to do a strip of work (along length of field). Déansa d’~ féin den obair, let you do your own share of the work. (c)~ cainte a chur díot, to speak out, to deliver a speech. Cuir de d’~ é, get it off your chest. 4. ~ a thabhairt ar rud a dhéanamh, to set about doing sth. Thug siad ~ ar an sliabh, they set out for the mountain. Tugaimis ~ ar an learg seo romhainn, let us breast this slope ahead of us. 5. As ~, for the sake of, on account of, on behalf of, in return for. As ~ Dé leat agus lig dom, for God’s sake let me alone. Maithim duit é as ~ do mháthar, I forgive you for your mother’s sake. Go raibh maith agat as ~ do chineáltais, thank you for your kindness. As ~ a ghaoil linn, on account of his kinship with us. Tá sé tuillte aige as ~ a ndearna sé dúinn, he deserves it for all he has done for us. As m’~ féin agus as ~ mo mhuintire, on my own behalf and on behalf of my people. As ~ go, because. 6. Lit:(a)In ~, facing, in face of. In ~ an bhaoil, in the face of danger. (b)Le h~, in front of, before, in anticipation of, for the purpose of. Le h~ na cathrach, in front of the city. An lá le h~ na haoine, the day before the fast. Le h~ bháis, before death. Le h~ na Díleann, in anticipation of the Flood. Sciath le h~ an chatha, a shield for use in the battle. Le h~ imeachta, in preparation for departure.
~ uchta, breastwork.
2. Bheith ~te san ucht, to be caught in the chest.
Bhuail sé ~ a uchta, he thumped his chest, beat his breast.
~ (uchta), ensiform cartilage.
5. ~ (uchta), (i) bodily frame, chest, (ii) chestiness, wheeze.
~ brollaigh, uchta, breastbone.
~ uchta, breast-band.
~ ar a ucht, crossed over his chest.
Chuach sí lena hucht é, she hugged him to her breast.
Ucht a chur ort féin, to stick out one’s chest.
In onóir, as ucht, i gcuntas, ar son, Dé, for God’s, heaven’s, sake.
Ucht le ~, breasting the ocean.
Coinnigh le d’ucht is le d’fhormna é, hold it against your chest and shoulder.
Ghabh sí an leanbh ina hucht, she took the child in her lap.
~ san ucht, caught in the chest.
~ uchta, lap-dog.
~ uchta, breastwork.
~ bhronn, ~ uchta, cavity of chest.
~ uchta, (i) favourite son, pet, (ii) adopted son.
~ san ucht, wheezing sound in chest.
~ sna píobáin, san ucht, wheeze in bronchial tubes, in chest.
~ uchta, breast-slane.
~ brollaigh, ~ uchta, breast-stroke.
~ a chroí, a uchta, his heart’s blood.
Thóg sí an leanbh ina hucht, she lifted the child in her lap.
~ uchta, breast-harness.
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