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attention, s. 1 a Aire f. He was giving his attention to the work, bhí sé in éadan na hoibre, bhí a intinn leagtha ar an obair aige. He turned his attention to sth. else, leag sé a intinn ar rud éigin eile. We will now turn our attention to . . ., tabharfaimid ár n-aghaidh anois ar ... I paid no attention to the remarks, scaoileas an chaint thar mo chluasa. To pay particular attention to sth., aird ar leith a thabhairt ar rud. To pay attention to s.o., to give one's attention to s.o., aird a thabhairt ar dhuine. Pay attention! tabhair aire! He attracted the attention of the crowd, tharraing sé umhail na ndaoine air féin. b They gave him every attention, chuir siad gach cóir air. It requires daily attention, caithfear freastal air gach uile lá. The matter will receive careful attention, breithneofar an scéal go beacht. 2 (Often in pl.) F: To pay one's attentions to a lady, bheith ag giollamas le bean; cúram mór a dhéanamh de bhean. 3 Mil: Attention!F: 'shun! Ar aire! To come to attention, teacht ar aire.
To abstract s.o.'s attention from sth., umhail duine a thógáil de rud.
It calls for attention, ní mór breathnú ina dhiaidh.
It commanded attention, b'éigean aird a thabhairt air; ba chuid airde é.
Concentrate all your attention on this question, dírigh d'aire uile ar an gceist seo.
To direct s.o.'s attention to sth., aire duine a tharraingt ar rud.
To divert s.o.'s attention, aigne duine a bhaint, a tharraingt de rud.
To give one's attention to s.o., aird a thabhairt ar dhuine.
To hold s.o.'s attention, aire duine a choimeád.
March at attention! máirseáil ar aire!
To rivet the attention of s.o., spéis duine a tharraingt.
He paid but small attention to it, is beag aird a thug sé air.
To take s.o.'s attention off sth., umhail duine a thógáil de rud, aire duine a bhaint de rud.
It takes up all my attention, ní bhíonn ar m'aire ach é.
Undeserving of attention, (rud) nach dtuilleann, nach fiú, aon aird a thabhairt air.
Give it undivided attention, bíodh d'aird ar fad air.
With the object of attracting attention, ag iarraidh, d'fhonn, aghaidh na ndaoine a tharraingt ort féin.
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