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ban could be a grammatical form of: bean »
New English–Irish Dictionary has an entry for ban »
ban1, s. a (Sentence of banishment, of outlawry) Fógra m (díbeartha). b Ecc: Cosc m, toirmeasc m. It is under the ban of public opinion, tá breith an phobail ina aghaidh.
ban2, v.tr. Coiscim, toirmiscim.
Eight women, ochtar ban.
Five women, cúigear ban.
Four women, ceathrar ban.
Ladies' tailor, táilliúir ban.
Nine women, naonúr ban.
Seven women, seachtar ban.
Several women, scata m ban.
Sex appeal, mealladh m fear, ban.
Six women, seisear ban.
Ten women, deichniúr ban.
Three women, triúr ban.
Twelve women, dháréag ban.
Ladies wear, éadaí mpl ban.
His womankind, a ghaolta ban; mná a theaghlaigh.
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