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aisce could be a grammatical form of: aisc » · aisc »
aisce1, f. (gs. ~, pl. -cí).1. Request, favour; gift, present. ~ a fháil, to be granted a favour. 2. In ~, for nothing, gratis. Rud a fháil, a thabhairt, in ~, to get, give, sth. for nothing. Ní bhfuair sé a chuid in ~, he had to work for his living. Obair, turas, in ~, work, a journey, in vain. Prov:Faightear gach laoch in ~, age conquers all.
aisce2 :aisc1.
Chan in aisce a fuair mé é, I did not get it for nothing.
~ in aisce, vain expectation.
In aisce, gratis.
Oibriú le céachta, go dícheallach, in aisce, to work with a plough, diligently, for nothing.
~ (in aisce), free, gratis.
~ in aisce, labour in vain.
~ in aisce, free delivery.
Rud a thabhairt in aisce, go fonnmhar, le gean ar dhuine, to give sth. gratis, willingly, out of affection for s.o.
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