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cha, neg. part. Not. 1. (With verb; lenites b, c, f, g, m, p, s; eclipses d, t; becomes chan before vowel or f followed by a vowel; becomes char with past tense of regular verbs)(a) (Used with pres. or pres. hab. of bí, to denote either habitual or future state or action) ~ bhíonn do dheifir ort, you do not hurry yourself. ~ bhím i bhfad leis, I shall not take long with it. ~ phósann siad go hóg, they do not marry young. ~ phósann sí é, she will not marry him. Chan ólaim é, I do not, will not, drink it. ~ ndéanaim a leithéid, I (will) do no such thing. (b) (With other tenses) Chan fhuil sin ceart, that is not right. ~ chreidfeá é, you would not believe it. Chan óladh sé mórán, he used not drink much. ~ raibh mé ag súil leat, I did not expect you. Char ith sé é, he did not eat it. Char bhain mé dó, I didn’t touch it. 2. (a) (Form chan used with other parts of speech) Chan mé is cúis leis, I am not the cause of it. Chan tú Séamas, you are not, you are unlike, Séamas. Chan é Dia é, he is not God. Chan ort a bhíomar ag caint, we were not talking about you. Chan in aisce a fuair mé é, I did not get it for nothing. Chan díth nár mhaith leis é, it is not that he wouldn’t like it; he would like it very much (but). Chan (é) amháin sin, not only that. (b) (Combines with forms ar, arbh, of copula to form char, charbh) Char chás sin (ach), that wouldn’t matter (but). Char mhiste liom, I wouldn’t mind. Charbh é sin é, that was not it. Charbh áil liom fearg a chur air, I did not, would not, wish to anger him. Char dhada beagán! What a lot to expect! (Var:eclipses initial consonant of verb)
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