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anonn, adv. & prep. & a. 1. Over, to the other side. ~ an pháirc, across, towards the far side of, the field. ~ thar (an) abhainn, over, to the other side of, the river. ~ go Meiriceá, over to America. Gabh ~ chuige, go over to him. Seas ~ uaim, stand over, across, from me. Chuir sé an fharraige ~ de, he crossed the sea. ~ agus anall, to and fro. Dúirt mé ~ agus anall leis é, I said it to his face. Ná bí ~ ná anall leis an scéal, don’t shilly shally over it. Ná bíodh ~ ná anall ann, let there be no two ways about it. Ní luaithe ~ ná anall é, he is forever changing course, vacillating. Níl dul taobh ~ de sin, that cannot be gainsaid. 2. Advanced, late. Tá sé ag dul ~ sa lá, sa saol, it is getting late in the day, in life. ~ in aois, advanced in age. ~ faoi Shamhain, on in November. An lá is faide ~ (ná inniu), in time to come.
Tá an ~ ag teacht air; tá sé ag dul (anonn) in ~, he is getting old.
Ar m’~ (anonn, amach), facing me, opposite me.
Rud a bhogadh anonn is anall, to move, rock, sth. to and fro.
Bhí sé (anonn is anall) ar a chamruathar, he was gadding about, running here and there.
Bhí sé ag céimniú roimhe, anonn is anall, he was striding along, back and forth.
Ag ~eadh anonn is anall, ó thaobh go taobh, shaking, waving, back and forth, from side to side.
Anonn sna daichidí, in the late forties.
~ anonn uainn, straight across from us.
~ siar, anonn, uaim, move back, over, from me.
Níl ~ thar a, ~ taobh anonn dá, fhocal, one can’t go beyond his statement; he can’t be gainsaid.
I bh~ anonn, far over; very late; in the distant future.
I bh~ anonn sa lá, sa saol, very late in the day, in life.
San aimsir i bh~ anonn, in far distant times.
An lá is faide anonn, in the distant future.
~ ar láimh, anonn, balance in hand, carried forward.
Ag ~ anonn is anall, lurching from side to side.
Bhí sé ag ~ anonn is anall, he was swaying back and forth.
~adh ar lúdracha, anonn agus anall, to swing on hinges, back and forth.
Síos, amach, anonn, ó, down, out, over, from.
~ anonn is anall é, work it back and forth.
~ mé anonn chucu tamall, I ran over to them for a while.
Anonn ina shaol, late in his life.
(An) lá is ~ anonn, in the distant future.
~ anonn thar an abhainn é, there he goes over the river.
Ag siúl timpeall, anonn is anall, amach is isteach, walking about, to and fro, in and out.
An dtig leat ~eadh anonn go dtí an bord? Can you reach over to the table?
Thug mé ~ anonn go teach na comharsan, I dashed over to the neighbouring house.
Thug mé rás anonn, I took a run over.
Dul soir, suas, anonn agus anall, isteach sa teach, to go east, up, to and fro, into the house.
Bhíomar ár d~ anonn is anall, we were being shuttled back and forth.
Anonn is anall ~ na driseacha, back and forth through the briars.
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