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bac1, m. (gs. & npl. baic, gpl. ~). 1. Balk, hindrance. ~ a chur ar dhuine, le duine, to hinder, restrain, s.o. ~ tráchta, traffic block. Níl a bhac ort, there is nothing to prevent you. Níor bhac duit go raibh mise leat, it was just as well for you that I was along with you. Bhí mé ann agus níor bhac dom, I was there and it was just as well for me. Ch:~ steireach, steric hindrance. Ph:~ poitéinsiúil, potential barrier. 2. (Of terrain, etc.) Barrier. S.a. fód 2. 3. ~ (na tine), (fire)hob. Chomh dubh leis an m~, as black as soot. Poll an bhaic, hole in chimney corner (as receptacle). S.a. idir11(d).4. Mattock. 5. Bend (in river, etc.). 6. (Door-)step. 7. Jur: Stay (of proceedings). 8 = bacadh.
bac2, v.t. & i. (pp. ~tha). 1. Balk, hinder. Rud a bhacadh ar dhuine, to hinder a person from doing sth. ~ na beithígh, head off the cattle. Ní bhacfadh sin dó é a dhéanamh, that would not prevent him from doing it. 2. (a) (With le) Interfere, meddle with. An rud nach mbacann leat ná ~ leis, don’t interfere in matters that don’t concern you. Ná ~ leo, (i) let them alone; don’t mind them, (ii) have nothing to do with them (for your own sake). Ná ~ leat! Carry on! (But you will rue it). Gan ~adh leis sin, irrespective of that. (b)Ná ~ tharat é, don’t have anything to do with it. 3. Heed. Ná ~ é, don’t mind him. Ná ~ an t-airgead, leis an airgead, don’t bother, it doesn’t matter, about the money.
Ó théann (sé) ~ go dtéann, ná cuir bac air, since he is going, which he is, don’t stop him.
Níl bac ort fanacht anseo, there is nothing to prevent you from staying here.
1. ~ an mhuiníl, the nape of the neck.
Lán go ~, full to the brim.
Bac, cosc, a chur le rud, to prevent, check, sth.
Ná bacadh sin duit é, let that not baulk you of it.
Chomh ~ le hairne, le bac, le cleite an fhéich, le gual, le pic, le sméar, le tóin corcáin, le Poll Tí Liabáin, as black as a sloe, as a hob, as a raven’s feather, as coal, as pitch, as a berry, as the bottom of a pot, as Erebus.
~ baic, ~ ar bac, first strip turned in ploughing lea.
~ a thobhadh, a bhac, to levy, stay, execution.
Ní ~fainn bacadh leis, I wouldn’t dare to interfere with it.
~ bactha, (stabling) bail.
Bac ~, steric hindrance.
Ná bac leis an bhfear ~, (i) leave other people’s affairs alone, (ii) don’t mind what other people think.
Ná bac leis an diúlach ~, don’t mind that fellow.
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