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babhta1, m. (gs. ~, pl. ).1. Bout. (a) Spell, turn. ~ oibre, spell of work. ~ óil, binge. ~ tinnis, bout of illness. (b)Sp: Round. 2. Time, occasion. An chéad bhabhta, the first time. An ~ seo, on this occasion. (As adv.)~í, sometimes. Bhí mé ann ~, I was there once. 3. Blow. Is mór an ~ air é, it is a great blow to him.
babhta2, m. (gs. ~, pl. ).1. Boot, something given to equalize an exchange. 2. Thing exchanged. 3. Addition. Fiche punt agus luach béile de bhabhta leis, twenty pounds and the price of a meal to boot.
babhta3 = bálta13.
babhta4 = boghta.
2. Babhta ~í, fencing bout.
Babhta dornála, bout, round, of boxing.
Babhta leagain, bout of wrestling.
(Imeacht) sna ~ babhtaí, (to go off) hell for leather.
Ní rachaidh sé as an babhta seo, he won’t escape it this time.
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