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Similar words: ceangail as · ceangail
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ceangail ar, v.t. 1. Bind, tie, upon; fasten to, on. Cheangail sé a chlaíomh air féin, he girded on his sword. ~ ar rópa é, fasten it to a rope. ~ ar stáca é, fasten it on a stake. 2. Invoke as surety for. Cheangail sé grian agus gealach air féin, he swore by the sun and the moon.
Ceangail, croch, ar, tie, hang, on.
Ceangal na gcúig g~ a chur ar dhuine, to bind s.o. hand and foot.
~ a chur ar rud, to bind sth.
Cuir ~ de rópa air, tie it with a rope.
Níl ~ orm a leithéid a dhéanamh, I am not obliged to do any such thing.
Níl ceangal ná ~ air, there is nothing to hinder him.
Níl ~ ná ceangal air, he is under no restraint whatever; he has no ties.
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