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cuir roimh, v.t. 1. Put, place, send, before, Duine a chur romhat, to put s.o. in front of you; to send s.o. before you. ~eadh bia romhainn, food was set before us. S.a. fáilte 2 (a).2. Set before (as aim). Rud a chur romhat (féin), to set oneself to do sth. An cheird a ~eadh roimhe, the trade he was set to. Chuir mé romham an teanga a fhoghlaim, I made up my mind to learn the language. ~eadh scoil is léann rompu, they were given schooling and education.
Ná cuir an sócúl roimh an ~, [’do not put comfort before discomfort’, business first.
Chuir sé ~ roimhe go raibh sé ag teacht, he notified his coming in advance.
Rinneadh ~ rompu; cuireadh ~ orthu, they were waylaid, ambushed.
Cuir marc ~e, put a mark in front of it.
Cuir an ceann caol de ~e, put the thin end of it foremost.
Cuireadh ~ is léann rompu, they were schooled and educated.
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