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Similar words: cuir thar · cuir ar · criathairt · criathar · culaithirt
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cuir thart, v.t. 1. Turn. Roth a chur thart, to turn a wheel. Long a chur thart, to turn a ship round. 2. Put, send, pass, round. Rud a chur thart ort, to put sth. round you. Deoch a chur thart, to pass round a drink. Chuir siad thart an scéal, they passed the news around. 3. (Of time) Pass away. An saol a chur thart, to take life easy, pass away the time. An lá a chur thart, to pass the day. 4. Put by. Airgead a chur thart, to put money by.
Ag cur thart an ~a, passing the time.
~ thart rothaí, the turning of wheels.
Cuir thart ar d’~ é, put it round the lower part of your body.
Cuir ~ na milseáin, pass round the sweets.
Cuir ~ leis sin é, leave it at that.
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