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dada, m. (gs. ~).1 = adamh. 2. Iota, jot, whit, tittle. (a)(With negative) Very little, nothing. Níl (aon) ~ ann, there is nothing there; it amounts to nothing. Ní ~ é, it is nothing. Níl ~ bainne acu, they have very little, no, milk. Níl ~ le déanamh aige, he has nothing to do. Ní raibh ~ dá bharr agam, I gained nothing by it. Níor dhada beagán! What a lot! (b) Something, anything. Má tá ~ ann, if there is anything there. S.a. lán31. Má bhíonn ~ ag cur ort, if anything troubles you. An bhfuil ~ le rá agat? Have you anything to say? Déarfaidh sé ~ a smaoinfidh sé air, he will say anything that comes into his head. (Var:m, ~idh m, ~mh m)
Níl dada le rá leis ach an méid sin, there is nothing to be said to him, concerning him, but that.
An bhfuil dada ar ~ anocht agaibh? Have you anything on tonight?
Níl dada ~te air, he is wise to everything.
Níl dada le cois na córa aige, he has no more than his share, nothing to spare.
Níl ~ agam le dada a dhéanamh, I have no ready means of doing anything.
Ní fhaigheann ~ ina cónaí dada, one must seek out opportunities.
Ná ~ dada leis, do nothing with it.
Ní dhéanfaidís dada mura mbeinn ina n~, they would do nothing if I did not keep after them.
Níl dada ann ~ de sin, there is nothing in it apart from that.
Ní fheiceann sé dada san oíche, he is unable to see anything at night.
Níl dada aige ach ag ~eamh ar a athair, he is totally dependent on his father.
Níl dada ~ leis, there is nothing to compare with it.
~ nó dada, ~ nó loic, all-or-none.
Ná ~ dada ort, say nothing; act as if nothing had happened.
Ní dada ar mo phláta é, it doesn’t help to feed me, is of no material advantage to me.
Ná bíodh dada dá sheachmall ort, don’t be under any illusion, make no mistake, about it.
Níor shonraigh mé dada, I noticed nothing.
Ná habair dada dá shórt, say nothing of the sort.
Níl dada dá thairbhe agam, I am no better off for it.
Ní thiocfaidh dada as, it will come to nothing.
Ní théann dada thairis, he misses nothing.
Ní dhéanfaidh an diúlach sin dada gan a bheith á thiomáint, that fellow will do nothing unless you keep driving him on.
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