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Mo chailín, mo leanbh, ~, my darling girl, child.
Leanbh do chléibh, your own darling child.
~ na saoithe, the darling of the learned.
A chumann! My darling!
Is tú mo ghaol, you are my darling.
~ mo chroí, my heart’s beloved, my darling.
A ghrianán! My darling!
Mo ~ thú, you are my darling.
~ (seirce) ban Éireann, the darling of the women of Ireland.
Mo mhaoin thú! You are my treasure, my darling.
A mhaoineach! My dear one! My darling!
A mhaoinín! My little darling!
Is é an peata ~ ag a mháthair é, he is his mother’s darling.
A mhian mo chroí, my heart’s desire, my darling.
Leanbh ~, darling child.
A mhuirnín, my darling, my dear.
~ beag a mháthar, his mother’s little darling.
A ~ mo chléibh, mo chroí, oh, love of my heart; my darling.
Is é ~ óir a mháthar é, he is his mother’s darling.
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