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rún, m. (gs. & npl. rúin, gpl. ~). 1. Mystery. ~ diaga, divine mystery. 2. Secret. ~ a dhéanamh ar rud, to keep sth. secret. Bíodh sé ina ~, (let us) keep it dark. ~ a scaoileadh, to let out a secret. Do ~ a ligean le duine, to confide in s.o. Faoi ~, in confidence. Cara rúin, confidant. Litir rúin, secret letter. S.a. scéal 4. 3. (a) Intention, purpose. ~ a bheith agat rud a dhéanamh, to intend to do sth. Tá ~ aige imeacht, he intends to leave. Má tá ~ a ráite agat, if you intend to say it. Is ~ dom, tá sé de ~ agam, éalú liom, I mean to slip away. Tá fios do rúin agam, I know what you have in mind. ~ daingean, firm purpose. (b) Secret disposition; (evil) design. ~ ceilge, treacherous intent, plot. ~ díoltais, design of vengeance. ~ gadaí, malicious intent of thief. 4. (Formal) resolution. ~ a mholadh, a rith, to propose, to pass, a resolution. ~ buíochais, cáinte, vote of thanks, of censure. 5. (a) Love, affection. Lit:Mo ~ dá rosc glan, I love the clear look in her eyes. (b) Loved one; dear one, friend. A ~ mo chléibh, mo chroí, oh, love of my heart; my darling. A ~, my dear; my dear man, my dear woman.
Tá sé ina bhun rúin acu, it is a secret matter between them.
~eadh amach an rún, the motion was rejected.
Rún ~e, fraudulent intent.
Rún a chaomhnú, to guard a secret.
~ rúin, confidant.
Cuireadh an rún, an reacht, ar ~, the motion, enactment, was set aside, rescinded.
1. Scéal, rún, imní, a cheilt, to conceal a story, a secret, anxiety.
Ní cheileann rosc rún, a look tells everything.
Níor chlaon sé óna rún, he did not diverge from his purpose.
~ a thabhairt don dea-rún, to take the will for the deed.
A rún, a stór, mo chroí, my heart’s beloved.
Chuidigh sé leis an rún, he seconded the resolution.
Faoi chuing rúin, under a bond of secrecy.
~ a bheith agat (do dhuine), to be well-intentioned (towards s.o.).
Rud a dhéanamh le ~, to do sth. with good intent.
Rún ~ a bheith agat, to have a firm resolution.
Rún ~, close secret.
~ rúin, closeness of secret.
Rún ~, deep dark secret.
Rún gan ~ amach air, unrevealed secret.
Rún ~, weak resolution.
Smaoineamh, rún, ag fabhrú i gceann, in intinn, duine, an idea, an intention, forming in s.o.’s head, mind.
~ rún, in secret.
Ná lig ~ do rúin leis, don’t reveal your intentions to him.
Rún a fhoilsiú, to disclose a secret.
Rún a ghabháil, to take a resolve.
D’inis sí i modh rúin é, she told it by way of a secret.
Rún ~ mhná, a secret confined to women.
Le rún mioscaise, with malicious intent.
Rún leasaithe, purpose of amendment.
~ sé a rún chugam, he let me into his secret.
~ amach rúin, disclosure of secret.
I ~ rúin, by way of a secret, in confidence.
Rún, tairiscint, a mholadh, to propose a resolution, a motion.
Rún ~ sceithfinn, a secret which I would not reveal.
Ná déan ~ de do rún, don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. (Of food, etc.)
Rún a ~adh, to reveal a secret.
~ rúin, disclosure of secret.
Fill, a rún ó! Come back, oh, my love!
~ achta, rúin, the passing of an act, of a resolution.
Bille, rún, a ~, to pass a bill, a resolution.
Rún a ~eadh, to let out a secret.
~ rúin, revelation of secret.
~ rúin, secret.
Rún a ~eadh, to divulge a secret.
Rún a ~eadh, to let out a secret.
~ sé amach an rún, he blurted out the secret.
Thaobhaigh sé a rún léi, he confided his secret to her.
Ní rachaidh tú amach ar a rún, you won’t penetrate his secret.
Intinn, rún, duine a thomhas, to judge s.o.’s mind, intention.
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