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maoin could be a grammatical form of: aon » · maon »
maoin, f. (gs. & pl. ~e).1. Lit: Gift, benefit. ~e agus aiscí, gifts and favours. 2. Property, wealth. ~ shaolta, worldly goods. Lán de mhaoin an tsaoil, rich in, obsessed with, this world’s goods. ~ chaorach, eallaigh, property in sheep, in cattle. ~ phearsanta, personal property. Jur:~ réadach, real property. ~ ghoidte, stolen property. Lucht ~e, wealthy people. Dáileadh ~e, distribution of wealth. Níl maith ná ~ ann, there is nothing to be gained from him; he is useless. 3. (As term of endearment) Treasure. Mo mhaoin thú! You are my treasure, my darling.
Ag áireamh maoine, costais, calculating means, cost.
Airgead, maoin, a aistriú, to transfer money, property.
Tá ~ (agus a dhóthain) de mhaoin an tsaoil aige, he is very well off, has a surplus of worldly goods.
~ ioncaim, mhaoine, siamsa, income, property, entertainment, tax.
Chaith sé a shaothrú, a mhaoin shaolta, he spent, wasted, his earnings, his worldly goods.
~ maoine, thinning of resources.
~ maoine, teidil, devolution of property, of title.
~ maoine, nirt, conservation of wealth, of strength.
~ maoine, community of goods.
Bhí ~ de mhaoin an tsaoil acu, they had a sufficiency of worldly goods.
Maoin a chumhdach, to store up wealth.
~ maoine, probháide, riaracháin, grant of property, of probate, of administration.
Airgead, maoin, a dhiomailt, to squander money, wealth.
~ féir, éisc, maoine, plenty of grass, of fish, of wealth.
~ ábhair, maoine, scarcity of material, of means.
Tá siad santach i maoin, they are greedy of wealth.
Maoin ~, after-acquired property.
D’~ an áit, a mhaoin shaolta, air, he lost his place, his worldly wealth.
~ maoine, éada, excess of wealth, of jealousy.
~ i maoin, weak in property.
~ is maoin, goods and property.
~ cíosa, caipitil, maoine, increase of rent, of capital, of wealth.
~ ar mhaoin, assessment of wealth.
Tá sé ag ~t a chuid maoine, he is wasting his substance.
~ maoine, wasting of substance.
A mhór de mhaoin, a great deal of property.
~ maoine, much property.
Airnéis, maoin, phearsanta, personal chattels, property.
Eastát, maoin, ~, real estate, property.
Ag ~ a maoine, squandering their property.
~ maith de mhaoin an tsaoil, a goodly share of the world’s goods.
Talamh, maoin, a ~t, to divide land, property.
~ talún, maoine, division of land, of property.
A shaint de mhaoin, all the wealth he wanted.
Maoin a shannadh, to assign property.
~ ar mhaoin, chun maoine, greedy for wealth.
~ maoine, the squandering of wealth.
~ maoine, dispersal of wealth.
~adh le maoin, to part with wealth.
Talamh, maoin, a shealbhú, to possess land, wealth.
Shlad siad ár maoin shaolta, they robbed us of our worldly goods.
Maoin a shóisialú, to socialize wealth.
Ná cuir do ~ i maoin shaolta, don’t set your heart on worldly wealth.
~ta as maoin, as comhrá, run out of resources, of conversation.
Ní chuirim ~ i maoin ná i spré, I lay no store by wealth or dowry.
An mhaoin a bhfuil ~ agam uirthi, the means I have at my disposal.
Maoin a thiomnú do dhuine, to bequeath property to s.o.
Ag tiomsú maoine, accumulating wealth.
~ le maoin shaolta, inordinate desire for worldly wealth.
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