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eang, f. (gs. ~a, pl. ~aí).1. Track, trace. Dul ar ~ ruda, to track sth. Lean siad ~ na sinsear, they followed in the footsteps of their ancestors. ~ in ~, step by step; one after another. 2. (a) Inset, gusset. ~ a chur i mball éadaigh, to insert a gusset in a garment. (b) Angle, corner; piece, strip. ~ idir dhá abhainn, a (narrowing) strip between two rivers. ~ talún, patch of land. Ar ~ línéadaigh, on a piece of linen. San ~ tíre seo, in this corner of the country; in this district. 3. Notch; nick, groove. ~ a chur, a ghearradh, i rud, to notch sth. Dul in ~ a chéile, to fit into each other, to mesh. ~ saighde, nock of arrow. ~ i mbata scóir, notch in tally(-stick). ~ i ngunna, notch in gun. ~a eochrach, wards of key. Ba cheart ~ a chur sa mhaide mullaigh, sa ghabhal éadain, the great event should be suitably marked. 4. Gap, interval. Thug sé an ~ leis, he cleared the gap, got clear away. Is gearr an ~ a thug sé leis, he didn’t last long.
~ (bharr) eangaí, float (of net).
~ eangaí, net-maker’s needle.
Níl ~ eangaí air, there is not a pick of flesh on him.
~ eangaí, net-maker’s needle.
~ eangaí, float (of net).
~ eangaí, grid square.
~ eangaí (a thabhairt), (to make) a cast of a net.
~ eangaí, top of net.
Cearnóg eangaí, grid square.
~ eangaí, grid-map.
~ lín, eangaí, mesh of net.
3. ~ (eangaí), (net-)buoy.
~ eangaí, binding-cord of (fishing-)net.
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