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foghlaim1, f. (gs. as s. -ama, as vn. -amtha).1. vn. of foghlaim2. 2. Learning. ~ a dhéanamh ar rud, to learn, study, sth. ~ ceachtanna, teangacha, ceirde, the learning of lessons, of languages, of a trade. Tá ~ air, (of thing) it has to be learned, requires study or experience; (of person) he is learned, well-educated. Tá a fhoghlaim déanta aige, he has learned his trade; he is experienced. Lucht foghlama, learners. Duine gan ~, unlearned, uneducated, person. Ceal, díobháil, foghlama, want of learning, ignorance. 3. Instruction, teaching. ~ a fháil, to obtain instruction, an education. ~ scoile, school education. Is breá an fhoghlaim a thug tú dó, you taught him well; (ironic) what a fine thing you taught him!
foghlaim2, v.t. & i. (pres. ~íonn, pp. -amtha). 1. Learn. Rud a fhoghlaim, to learn sth. Ag ~ léitheoireachta, snámha, learning to read, to swim. Ag ~ dlí, filíochta, studying law, poetry. D’fhoghlaim sé an teanga, he learned the language. Rud a fhoghlaim ar do theanga, de ghlanmheabhair, to learn sth. (off) by heart. Ag ~ rud a dhéanamh, conas rud a dhéanamh, learning to do sth. 2. Experience. Ag ~ an bháis, at death’s door. 3. Instruct, teach. Rud a fhoghlaim do dhuine, to teach sth. to s.o. (Var:~(n)igh, foghlamaigh)
Bhí na páistí ag foghlaim Gaeilge, the children were learning Irish.
Bheith ag gabháil don ~, ag foghlaim ~, to be in the law, to study law.
Bhí mé ~ ag foghlaim, I was learning for a while.
Ó tháinig sé anseo is ea a d’fhoghlaim sé an Ghaeilge, it is since he came here that he learned Irish.
Eochair feasa foghlaim, learning is the key to knowledge.
Duine ~, learned, well-informed, educated, person.
~ ag foghlaim, ag an léann, quick to learn.
~ le hobair, le foghlaim, inclination to work, to learn.
~ foghlama, learner.
Foghlaim ~, programmed learning.
Ag foghlaim ~e, learning history.
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