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lig, v.t. & i. (vn. ~ean, pp. ~the). 1. Let, allow, permit. Rud a ~ean a dhéanamh, to let sth. be done. ~ sé an áit a dhíol, he let the place be sold. Nár ~e Dia (go), God forbid (that). 2. Let go, allow to proceed. Duine a ~ean abhaile, a chodladh, to let s.o. go home, to sleep. ~eadh saor é, he was set free. Ná ~ orlach eile iad, don’t let them advance another inch. ~ tú amú é, you let it go to loss. Ó ~ tú an fad seo é, since you have let it go this far, have left it so long. 3. Let out, release. (a)Fuil a ~ean, to let blood. Loch, bairille, neascóid, a ~ean, to drain a lake, a barrel, an abscess. ~ an t-uisce, let the water run. ~ sé mo mhéar, he lanced my finger. Ualach a ~ean, to empty a load. (b)Rópa, sreang, a ~ean, to pay out a rope, a wire. Súgán a ~ean, to feed a straw rope. ~ anois, let out, let go, now. 4. Let, hire. Teach a ligean, to let a house. 5. (a) Cast. Ga a ~ean, to cast a spear. (b) Cast from mould. Coinneal a ~ean, to cast a candle. 6. Emit. Anáil a ~ean, to breathe out, exhale. Fead, gáir, osna, scread, a ~ean, to give a whistle, a shout, a sigh, a scream. ~ sí uaill uafáis, she let out a yell of terror. 7. Do scíth a ~ean, to give oneself a rest.
Lig fad an adhastair leis, give him plenty of rope.
~ a chur i, a ligean as, rud, to inflate, deflate, sth.
Lig ~ na tine chugainn, let us get the heat of the fire (unobstructed).
Ná lig as d’~ é, don’t let it out of your mind.
Lig sí a gruaig in ~, she let her hair get tousled.
Ligim le m’~ (go), I admit (that).
Lig ~ é, (i) let him (go) out, (ii) release (your hold on) him.
Lig sé ~ a fhearg orm, he vented his anger on me.
Rud a ligean ~, sa dul ~, to let sth. go to waste.
Lig sé na caoirigh ~, he let the sheep stray.
~ a ligean amach, to exhale breath.
Ná labhair thar d’~, os cionn d’anála, air; ná lig in aice, le hais, d’anála é, don’t breathe a word of it.
Ná lig ~ ar do pháistí, don’t let your children go in want.
An t-~ a bhaint, a ligean, a thógáil, to weigh anchor.
Lig ~ an téad chugam, lower the rope to me.
Ná lig as an tréad iad, don’t let them get away from the herd.
Ná lig as airgead é, don’t let him go short of money.
Ligeadh as braighdeanas iad, they were released from captivity.
Duine a ligean amach ar ~í, to release s.o. on bail.
Ná lig thar a bheacht é, don’t let it exceed the correct amount; don’t let it out of its proper position.
Ná lig thar bhéal an phota é, don’t let it overflow the pot.
~ a ligean, to let a yell.
Lig sé ~ orm, he roared at me.
Ligeadh a bheo leis, his life was spared.
~ a ligean, to chirp.
Lig mé chun an bhodaigh ach ná lig an ~ chugam, let me do as I please but save me from the consequences.
Rud a ligean uait ar ~, to let sth. go easily, foolishly.
Rud a fhágáil, a ligean, ar ~, to lose sth. through absent-mindedness.
Ná lig as áit na m~ é, don’t let him move, get away.
Ná lig dóibh ~ a fháil ar do chuid cainte, don’t say anything they might misconstrue, use to their advantage.
Níor lig an náire dom a bheith ag brath orthu, á mbrath, I was ashamed to be dependent on them, asking favours of them.
Is ~ liom mo scíth a ligean, I like to rest myself.
Ná lig an bhrí as; ná lig don bhrí imeacht as, don’t let its strength evaporate.
Níor lig an ~ dó labhairt linn, he was too proud to speak to us.
~ marbh a ligean in obair, to slack at work.
~ a ligean, to bellow.
~ a thabhairt do dhuine, a ligean le duine, to give s.o. an advantage.
Ná lig isteach thar chab an dorais é, don’t let him in past the doorway.
Ná lig sinn i g~, lead us not into temptation.
Ligeadh ~ a chinn leis, he was set free.
Rud a ligean ar ~, to let sth. fall into disuse, disappear; to neglect sth.
Lig sé a cheart ar ~, he forfeited his right.
Ná lig do chúram ar ~, don’t neglect your responsibility.
Lig a cheann leis, let him go free.
Scaoil a cheann leis; lig ~ scaoilte leis, give him free rein.
Ná lig as do cheann é, don’t let it out of your mind.
Lig mé dó titim as mo lámh le ~, I was so jittery that I let it fall out of my hand.
Do rámhaí a ligean le ~, to ship one’s oar.
Lig chugat an scéal, pay attention to the story.
Lig dó a racht a chloí, let him give vent to his emotion.
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