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garbh1, a1. Rough. 1. Uneven, rugged; coarse in texture. Talamh ~, rough land; uncultivated land. Cosán ~, rough path. Féar ~, coarse grass. Craiceann ~, rough skin. Páipéar ~, rough paper. Éadach ~, coarse cloth. S.a. lus, púdar 2, salann 1. 2. Coarse, gross. Práta ~, large, lumpy, potato. Fear mór ~, big rough- featured man; big bony man. S.a. iasc11, madra12, plána1. 3. Ungentle, harsh, crude, violent. Aimsir, gaoth, gharbh, rough weather, wind. Farraige gharbh, rough sea. Glór ~, rough voice. Teanga gharbh, rough tongue, speech. Focal ~, rude, coarse, word. Greann ~, coarse, low, humour. Dóigh gharbh, rough manner. Imirt gharbh, rough play. Éirí ~, to get rough, to become violent. Labhairt go ~ le duine, to speak harshly to s.o. D’ionsaigh siad an bia go ~, they attacked the food voraciously. 4. Unfinished, unpolished, inexact, approximate. Obair gharbh, rough, badly-finished, work. Dréacht ~, rough draft. Cuntas ~, rough count. Tomhas ~, rough measurement. Bean gharbh tí, rough, untidy, housewife.
garbh2 = garbhaigh.
~ mín, garbh, fine, thick, yarn.
~ mhín, gharbh, fine, large-toothed, comb.
~ garbh, rough grass.
~ aimsire, roughness, harshness, of weather.
~ sléibhe, ruggedness of mountain.
~ éadaigh, coarseness of cloth.
~ glóir, roughness of voice.
~ teanga, cainte, coarseness, crudeness, of tongue, of speech.
~ béas, roughness of manners.
Bhain siad ~ as an bhféar garbh, they made the most of the rough grass.
~ garbh, botts.
~ garbh-Bhéarla, an uncouth smattering of English.
~ garbh, tur, broad, dry, humour.
Ba gharbh an óiche í, it was a rough night.
~ garbh, species of large fish (cod, pollock, etc.)
~ garbh, goose-grass, cleavers.
~ garbh, spiny dogfish.
~eann sé mín is garbh, he has something to say about everything.
~ gharbh, coarse meal.
An mhín is an garbh, the smooth and the rough; the fine and the coarse.
~ garbh, trachea.
~ garbh, jack-plane.
~ garbh, mín, large-, small-, grain powder.
~ garbh, coarse salt.
~ garbh, granulated sugar.
Tá ~ gharbh ann, he is inclined to be rough.
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