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iar-2, pref. 1. After-, post-; late, remote, ex-. 2. West, western.
iar1, prep. (Eclipses) Lit:1. (Of time) After. (a) (With noun) ~ gcách, after everybody. ~ n-éag, after death. ~ bhfógra, after (giving) notice. (b) (With vn.) ~ gcaitheamh a bproinne, after taking their meal. ~ ndéanamh aithrí dó, when he had done penance. (c)~ sin, after that, thereupon, then. ~ dtain = iardain. 2. (a) Across, along. ~ n-íochtar, along the bottom, below. ~ muir, ~ dtír, over sea, over land. (b) Beyond, behind. ~ nIorras, beyond Erris. 3. According to, in respect of, by reason of. ~ n-ord, in (proper) order. ~ nginealach, according to genealogy. ~ d’intleacht, in accordance with, as may be inferred from, your intelligence. ~ gcoiteann, in general. ~ bhfíor, truly.
Ria, iar, n-éagaibh, before, after, death.
Snámh iar ~, to swim on a full stomach.
Iar ~, after that, thereupon.
Creidim ionat
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