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imeall, m. (gs. & npl. imill, gpl. ~).Border, edge, rim, margin. ~ tíre, mara, sléibhe, margin of country, of sea, of mountain. Ar ~, in ~, na cathrach, on the outskirts of the city. ~ uirbeach, urban fringe. Bhí siad ina seasamh in ~ an uisce, they were standing at the water’s edge. ~ na spéire, horizon. Tá teach beag in ~ na slí, there is a little house by the side of the road. ~ léana, verge of lawn. Gearr na himill aige, cut it round the edges. ~ leathanaigh, margin of page. Scríobh ar an ~ é, write it on the margin. ~ hata, spéaclaí, rim of hat, of spectacles. In ~ na gcos agam, right beside my feet. In ~ a chéile, verging on each other, one after another. Teacht, dul, in ~ ruda, to start working at sth. from the outside; to make a start at sth. B’éigean dom teacht ina ~ arís, I had to go at it again from the beginning.
Bheith i gcosa, in imeall na g~ ag, daoine, to hang about people, be in people’s way.
~ siar ó imeall an bhoird é, set it back from the edge of the table.
In imeall na trá, at the edge of the strand.
Fág spás ~ ón imeall, leave a space in from the margin.
Imill mhaola, cropped edges.
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