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Similar words: empress · imprest · imreas · press · impire
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~ an séala air, impress the seal on it.
Chuir sé a eagla i gcéill dóibh, he impressed his fear upon them.
Rud a chur i g~ ar dhuine, to impress sth. on s.o.
Ba cheart duit é a chur ina luí air, you should impress it on him.
Rud a chur i bh~ ar dhuine, to impress sth. on s.o.; to admonish s.o. about sth.
Rud a chur ina ~ ar dhuine, to impress sth. on s.o.
2. ~ ime, butter print, pat of butter impressed with butter die.
~ a chur, a bhualadh, ar rud, to seal, impress a seal on, sth.
Cuir ~ na hoifige air, impress the office stamp on it.
D’fhág sé ~ a bhróige air, he left the impress of his boot on it.
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