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marc could be a grammatical form of: arc »
marc1, m. (gs. mairc, pl. ~anna). 1. (a) Target, goal. ~ a chur suas, to set up a target; to mark a finishing point (to race, etc.). An ~ a bhualadh, to hit the mark. Níor shroich sé an ~, he fell short of the mark, failed to reach his objective. ~ a chur leat féin, to set an objective for oneself. (b) Guide-mark, bearing. ~anna a thógáil, a ghlacadh, to take bearings. ~ a choinneáil ar rud, to pay marked attention to sth.; to remember the whereabouts of sth. Bíodh ~ agat ar mo chuid cainte, mark my words. Chaill mé ~ air, I lost trace of it. (c) Limiting mark. ~ an láin (mhara), high-water mark. (d) Set time. Amárach an ~, tomorrow is the appointed day. (e)Sp: Mark. Dul i ~ duine, to equal s.o.’s performance. Do thóin do mharc, your jump is measured to where you touch the ground with your behind. 2. (a) Impressed sign. ~ a chur ar rud, to mark sth. Rinne sé ~ le cailc air, he marked it with chalk. ~ ar chaora, (identification) mark on a sheep. ~ ar éadach, (brand) mark on cloth. ~ airde, bench mark. (b) Cross in lieu of signature. Do mharc a chur le cáipéis, to append one’s mark to a document. (c) Scar, scratch. Tá ~ ar do leiceann, there is a mark on your cheek. Fágfaidh mé ~ ort, I’ll leave my mark on you. (d) Entry mark in account. Tá punt sa mharc ort fós, there is a pound still marked against you. Tá sé anuas sa mharc orainn, he deals harshly with us; he is down on us. (e)~ fiacaile, mark of mouth (in horse). 3. Sch: Mark. ~anna maithe a fháil i scrúdú, to get good marks in an examination. 4. (Of person) Mark. Is maith an ~ é, he is a good mark. Is é Brian do mharc, Brian is your likeliest mark, the man you should approach.
marc2, m. (gs. & npl. mairc, gpl. ~).1. Lit: Horse. 2. (In phrase) Ar mhuin mhairc a chéile, thrown on top of one another, higgledy-piggledy.
marc3 = marg2.
An marc a aimsiú, to hit the mark.
Marc a ghearradh ar rud, to cut a mark on sth.; to take particular note of sth.
4. Uimhreacha, marcanna, ísle, low numbers, marks.
Cuir marc ~e, put a mark in front of it.
Marc, pointe, tagartha, reference mark, point.
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