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leaba, f. (gs. leapa, pl. leapacha).Bed. 1. ~ shingil, dhúbailte, single, double, bed. ~ chlúimh, feather bed. ~ chocháin, shoip, thuí, straw bed, pallet. ~ bheag, small bed, pallet (on ground). ~ linbh, child’s cot. ~ lánúine, marriage bed. ~ dhruidte, bed in alcove. ~ iompair, (of vehicle) litter. ~ luascáin, hammock. ~ raca, ~ shuíocháin, settle-bed. Bheith ar do ~, to be abed; to be laid up. ~ théastair, tester-bed. S.a. cnaiste 1. Ar ~ bhreoiteachta, leighis, on a sick-bed, convalescing in bed. ~ luí, bed of repose; resting-place. ~ luí seoil, childbed. Tá sí ina ~ luí seoil, she is in confinement. ~ chláir, bed of boards. F:Tá sé ar ~ chláir, he is doing a stretch in prison. ~ shínteáin, stretcher(-bed). An ~ a thabhairt ort féin, to take to one’s bed. An ~ a choinneáil, a choimeád, to keep one’s bed. Éirí as an ~, to get out of bed. ~ a chóiriú, to make a bed. Is furasta a ~ a chóiriú, he is easily accommodated. An ~ a chóirigh sé dó féin luíodh sé uirthi, as he has made his bed so he must lie on it. Bheith idir an tine is an ~, (of sick person) to be in and out of bed. Rinne siad ~ thart thart, they lay around in a circle. 2. ~ dhearg, animal’s lair. Éirí as a ~ dhearg, (of hare, etc.) to break cover. Tá an áit ina ~ dhearg acu, they have turned the place into a den; they are haunting the place. 3. Folk:~ Dhiarmada agus Ghráinne, ancient passage-grave, tumulus. 4. ~ abhann, bed of river. ~ uisce, water-course. 5. ~ loinge, ship’s berth. ~ ancaire, anchoring-berth, anchorage. 6. ~ ghlasraí, phrátaí, vegetable-, potato-, bed. ~ na dúlach, first-dug ridge of early potatoes. ~ the, hot-bed. 7. ~ chloiche, bedding of stone. ~ sheoide, setting of jewel. ~ innill, engine bed. ~ iomartha, rowlock. ~ thaomtha, bilge (of boat). Rail:~ ráille, chair. Anat:~ an duáin, lumbar region. 8. Teacht i ~ an dáiríre (le rud), to get down to brass tacks (with sth.). S.a. dáiríre1. 9. I ~ ruda, in place, instead, of sth. I ~ a chéile, by degrees. I ~ an rud a d’iarr mé air a dhéanamh, instead, of doing what I asked him. (Var:~idh f)
~ leapa, bedsore.
Shuigh sé ~ sa leaba, he sat up in bed.
Cuir an t-éadach leapa ~ air, cover him with the bedclothes.
Éadach leapa a athchóiriú ar dhuine, to readjust bedclothes over s.o.
Tá sé le ~, ina luí le ~, ar leaba an bháis, he is near death, on his deathbed.
~ agus leaba, bed and board.
~ agus leaba, bed and board.
~ staighre, leapa, foot of stairs, of bed.
Leaba chabha, chaff mattress.
Leaba, cathaoir, champa, camp-bed, camp-chair.
~ boird, leapa, head of table, of bed.
~ cnis, leapa, bosom, bed, companion; spouse.
Is í an chill a leaba feasta, he is gone to his last repose.
~ leapa, piliúir, bed-cover, pillow-case.
Leaba chluimhrí, feather bed.
Leaba chlúimh (éan), feather bed.
Leaba chnaiste, timber-bottomed bed with side rail.
An leaba a choimeád, to keep one’s bed.
An leaba, an bóthar, a choinneáil, to keep one’s bed, the road.
Córacha leapa, dorais, bed-, door-, fittings.
Leaba a chóiriú, to make a bed.
1. ~ leapa, edge of bed.
Ar cholbha na leapa, on the edge of the bed.
Ag ~ mo leapa, by my bedside.
Leaba chompordach, comfortable bed.
Chaith sé ~ ar a leaba, he was confined to bed for a time.
~ leapa, uaighe, foot of bed, of grave.
Chuir tú as mo leaba mé, you made me get out of bed.
Duine a chur chun leapa, to put s.o. to bed; to provide a bed for s.o.
~í leapa, bed-hangings.
Is minic a tháinig an magadh go leaba an ~, what begins as a joke often becomes serious.
Tine, leaba, áit suí, campa, a dhéanamh, to make a fire, a bed, a place to sit, a camp.
Rinne siad leaba den fhraoch, they made a bed of the heather.
Ceann, leaba, ~e, lathe-head, -bed.
Dhírigh sé aniar (sa chathaoir, sa leaba), he sat up straight (in the chair, in the bed).
Ar mo leaba dom aréir, when I was in bed last night.
~ cathaoireach, leapa, the uncomfortableness of a chair, of a bed.
~ leapa, bedclothes.
Éirí as do chodladh, as do leaba, to rise from one’s sleep, from one’s bed.
Éirí sa leaba, sa chathaoir, to sit up in bed, in the chair. (Of resurrection)
D’~ sé aniar sa chathaoir, sa leaba, he sat up in the chair, in the bed.
Bhí sé sínte ar a fhad ar an leaba, he was stretched full length on the bed.
~ leapa, bedside vigil.
Thiar ~n leaba, back under the bed.
Téigh i bh~ do chodlata, do leapa, take yourself off to sleep, to bed.
4. An leaba a fhliuchadh, to wet the bed.
Leaba fhlocais, flock bed.
~ leapa, bedspread.
Bhí sé ina fhuairnín sa leaba, he was coiled up in the bed.
Ghléas siad bia agus leaba dom, they prepared food and a bed for me.
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