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faire could be a grammatical form of: fair »
faire, f. (gs. ~, pl. -rí). 1. vn. of fair. 2. Watch. ~ a dhéanamh, to keep watch. ~ na hoíche, night-watch, vigil. ~ leapa, bedside vigil. ~ a chur ar dhuine, to set watch on s.o. Bíodh ~ mhaith agat air, keep a good watch over him. Fear ~, watcher, look-out man. Bhí focal na ~ acu, they were on the alert, were placed on their guard. ~! Bí ar d’fhaire! Look out! ~ ort! Watch yourself! Mind what you do, say! ~! ~! Fie! Fie! ~ go brách! O, what a shame! S.a. focal 3, fógairt 3, poll110. 3. Wake. Bheith, dul, ar fhaire duine, to attend s.o.’s wake. Teach ~, wake-house.
Ag faire na ~e ar a chéile, trying to get each other at a disadvantage.
Rud a fhaire, to watch, keep watch over, sth.
Na tráthanna a fhaire, (i) to keep the night watches, (ii) to keep regular hours.
Ag ~e na huaire, watching the clock; tied to time.
Bheith ag ~e ar dhuine, to keep a watch on s.o.; to keep watching s.o.
Bhí sí ag ~e an linbh ar an tine, she was guarding the child from the fire.
~ thú féin! Bí ag ~e ort féin! Mind yourself!
Bí ag ~e air! What a hope!
Ag ~e an lae, waiting for day.
Ag ~e na faille, waiting for an opportunity.
Ag ~e ar bhus, waiting for a bus.
Ag ~e ar bhás duine, expecting s.o.’s death.
Ag ~e ar imeacht, waiting to go.
Tá an droim ag ~e orm arís, my back is threatening to trouble me again.
Tá an teach seo ag ~e ar thitim, this house is ready to fall.
Corp a fhaire, to wake a corpse.
Rinneadh é a fhaire go hómósach, he was waked with reverence.
~ faire, watcher, sentinel.
~ faire, watchword; forewarning.
Fuair sé ~ na faire, he was forewarned.
Is maith an fhaire an fhógairt, forewarned is forearmed.
~ faire, watching-place.
2. Rinne siad a fhaire ~ le cantaireacht, they waked him with psalm-singing.
~ faire, watching brief.
~ faire, spy-hole.
~ ceannais, comhraic, éisteachta, faire, rialaithe, command, combat, listening, look-out, control, post.
~ faire, watching-place.
Ag faire na dtráthanna, keeping the watches of the night.
~ faire, watch-tower.
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