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maoil could be a grammatical form of: maol » · aol »
maoil1, f. (gs. ~e, pl. ~eanna).1. Rounded summit; hillock, knoll. 2. Bare, bald, top; tip, crown. Bheith i do mhaoil, to be bareheaded; to have one’s bald head exposed. Thit sé ar mhaoil a chinn, he fell on the top of his head. 3. Part of contents heaped above rim of receptacle. (a)~ a chur ar chiseán le prátaí, to heap a basket with potatoes. Plátaí faoi mhaoil le bia, plates heaped with food. Fómhar faoi mhaoil, bountiful harvest. Chuir sé ~ is cruach air, he piled it up high. Dul ó mhaoil go mullach, to pile things higher, to go from bad to worse. Más olc ~ is measa mullóg, the alternative is even worse. S.a. gad12, slat11(a).(b)Ag cur thar ~ le rud, brimming over, full to overflowing, with sth. Tá an corcán ag cur thar ~, the pot is overflowing. Bhí an tír ag cur thar ~ le cruithneacht, there was an overabundance of wheat in the country. (c)As ~, ó mhaoil, do ghualainne, straight from the shoulder, with all one’s might. As ~ do chonláin; de mhaoil do mhainge; de mhaoil an bhaige, on the spur of the moment; on an impulse, for no apparent reason.
maoil2 :maol1.
maoil-3. For words not found under maoil- see maol-.
Ar mhaoil a bhlagaide, on top of his bald head.
Tá an pota ag cur thairis, thar maoil, the pot is spilling over.
~ thar maoil, overflow(ing).
~ maoile, rope tied over top of load.
~ curaigh Maoile Dúin, Maeldun’s currach voyage.
~ gan mhaoil, stricken measure.
~ mhaoile, strickle (for levelling).
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