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cur could be a grammatical form of: cuir »
cur1, m. (gs. as s. cuir, as vn. ~tha). 1. vn. of cuir1. 2. Sowing, planting; tillage. An ~ a dhéanamh, to do the sowing. Fear mór cuir, a great man for tillage. An ~ is gnách, the usual tillage. Is breá an ~ atá déanta aige, he has done a fine sowing. 3. Burial. ~ gan choinneal air! Bad scran to him! 4. Setting, laying. ~ píopaí, pipe-laying. ~ oisrí, oyster-bedding. ~ tuí, thatching. ~ gaistí, trap setting. 5. Course; round. (a)~ brící, cloch, course of bricks, of stones (in building). (b)~dí, round of drinks. D’ól siad ~ eile, they drank another round. ~ eile den bhia, another helping of the food. Níl anseo ach an chéad chur, this is only the first course. 6. (Of implements) Set. ~ uirlisí, sceana, set of tools, of knives. 7. ~ a bheith agat i ndiaidh ruda, to have a hankering after sth. 8. ~ amach, (a) Emission. ~ amach solais, gáis, emission of light, of gas. (b) Dispatch. ~ amach litreacha, dispatch of letters. (c) Gemmation. ~ amach duilliúir, the putting forth of leaves. (d) Production. ~ amach earraí, production of goods. (e) Vomit. (f)Do chur amach féin a bheith ionat, to be able to show oneself to advantage. (g)Níl aon chur amach ann, he spends nothing. (h) (With ar) ~ amach a bheith agat ar rud, to have knowledge of sth. Sin é an ~ amach atá air, that is how it is expressed. 9. ~ isteach, (a) Insertion; fitting. ~ isteach solais, installation of light. Is olc an ~ isteach a rinneadh air, it was badly fitted. (b) Interference. Ní maith leis ~ isteach (nó amach) a dhéanamh air, he doesn’t like to be interfered with. Daoine iad nach bhfuil aon chur isteach le déanamh orthu, they are people who don’t want to be meddled with. (c) Right (of entry, of possession). Níl aon chur isteach agat ar mo chuid talún, you have no right to be on my land. An mhuintir a raibh ~ isteach acu ar an sliabh, those who had the right to use the mountain. Dá mbeadh sé ar mo chur isteach, if it were within my province. 10. ~ siar, drawback; postponement. 11. ~ síos, (a) Laying, setting (down). (b) Description, account. ~ síos a dhéanamh ar rud, to give an account of sth. Níl ~ síos (le déanamh) air, it defies description. 12. ~ suas, (a) Erection. ~ suas cuaillí, tithe, the erection of poles, of houses. ~ suas cló, the setting of type. ~ suas gunna mhóir, the mounting of a cannon. (b) (Of dress) Níl an dara ~ suas aige, he hasn’t a second suit to wear. (c) (With de) Ní raibh aon chur suas aige de, he did not refuse it. (d) (With le) Toleration. Níl ~ suas agam leo, I can’t put up with them. 13. ~ thart, (a) Turning. ~ thart rothaí, the turning of wheels. (b) Passing round. (c) Putting by. 14. (With prep. phrases) (a)~ar aghaidh, advancement. ~ ar athlá, ar cairde, postponement, deferment. ~ ar ceal, cancellation; concealment. ~ ar cíos, letting. ~ ar ancaire, ar téad, ar snámh, anchoring, tethering, floating. (b)~as alt, dislocation. ~ as bealach, inconvenience. ~ as coróin, dethronement. ~ as eagar, disarrangement. ~ as riocht, perversion. ~ as seilbh, dispossession. (c)~chun báis, execution. ~ chun bóthair, chun siúil, starting off. ~ chun tosaigh, promotion. (d)~de láimh, disposal. (e)~faoi chois, suppression. (f)~in aghaidh (ruda), opposition (to sth.). ~ in alt, setting. ~ i gcás, supposition. ~ i gcéill, in iúl, notification; pretence. ~ i ngléas, adjustment. ~ in oiriúint, adaptation. ~ i dtaisce, laying by, saving. (g)~le gealltanas, fulfilment of promise. Focal gan ~ leis, an empty statement. (h)~le chéile, unity (of opinion, of effort); matching (of objects); coherence (of ideas). (i)~ó chéile, separation; dismantlement. S.a. doras 1. (j)~ thar maoil, overflow(ing). (k)~trí chéile, (i) confusion, (ii) discussion.
cur2 = cor3.
cur3, m = curadh.
Síol a chur, to sow seed.
1) Bhí orm a chur, a cur, a gcur, ar scoil, I had to send him, her, them, to school.
Tairne a chur ~, to drive home a nail.
Chuir sé ~ orm é, he persuaded me of it.
Cuir uait an ~, stop playing like a child.
Cuir leis an ~ é, get rid of it.
Tá sé maith go leor ~ gan fearg a chur air, he is all right if he is not angered.
Daoine a chur in ~ le, ina, chéile, to set people quarrelling.
Chuir sé ~ ann, he attached a condition to it.
Chuaigh sé, chuir sé é féin, thar a ~ leis, he overstrained himself at it, overdid it.
An t-~ a chur ar dhuine, to bring s.o. luck.
Chuir sí a ceann in ~ an anró, she made an unfortunate marriage.
~ a chur i, a ligean as, rud, to inflate, deflate, sth.
An bhean is breátha a chuir a haghaidh le h~, the most beautiful woman ever born.
Rud a chur in, san, ~, to blow sth. sky-high.
Cuir uait na hagallaimh sin ort, give over your waggishness.
Ná cuir aon ~ ann, raise no objections to it.
~ a chur i rud, to object to sth.
~ a chur le scéal, to add to a story.
Ó théann (sé) ~ go dtéann, ná cuir bac air, since he is going, which he is, don’t stop him.
Chuir sé ~ sa scéal, he added to, qualified, the statement.
~ a chur in uacht, to add a condition to a will.
~ a chur ar phíopa, to light a pipe with an ember.
Chuir sé ~ orm, he made me feel embarrassed.
~ a chur le (hanam) duine, to say Mass for the repose of s.o.’s soul.
~ a chur ar dhuine, to accost s.o.; to start an argument with s.o.
Cuir d’~ leis, set your mind to it.
Chuir an bia ~ ann, the food cheered him.
~ a chur, to clamp sods (on stack).
Duine a chur ar a ~, to lead s.o. astray.
Ná cuir in ~ é, don’t ravel it.
Duine a chur ar, in, ~, to send s.o. into service, to hire out s.o.
~ a chur ar dhuine, to take s.o. into service.
An t-~ a chur ina cheart, to right a wrong.
~ a chur ar, to name, specify.
D’~ a chur le rud, to sign sth.
Cuir síos d’~ leis, enter your name for it.
Duine a chur as a ~, to miscall, abuse, s.o.
Uacht a chur ar ~, to propound a will.
Duine a chur ar a ~, to put s.o. on his guard.
Duine a chur ar a ~, to put s.o. on his guard.
Rud a chur san ~, to take sth. into account; to include sth.
Agus an dá lá (a chur) san ~, both days (to be) included.
Suíochán a chur in ~, to book a seat.
Culaith a chur in ~, to bespeak a suit.
Cuir ar ~ é, send, put, it back.
Chuir sé ~ air féin, (i) he took the roundabout way, (ii) he put himself out of his way (to do sth.).
Rud a chur ina ~ féin, to put sth. in its proper place, position.
Tuí, sraith, na háithe a chur ar an muileann, to rob Peter to pay Paul.
Daoine a chur in ~ dá chéile; ~ a thabhairt do dhaoine ar a chéile, to bring people together, to introduce people to each other.
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