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muc, f. (gs. muice, npl. ~a, gpl. ~). 1. (a) Pig. ~ i mála (a cheannach), (to buy) a pig in a poke. S.a. bainne 3, bradach21, breoiteacht, 1, creamh 2, side 1, muin11, slán15. (b)(Of person) Pig. 2. ~ ghuine, guinea-pig. 3. ~ mhara, porpoise. 4. Heap; bank, drift. ~ ghainimh, sandhill, sandbank. ~ shneachta, snowdrift; large snowball. 5. Scowl. ~ ar mala, beetling of brow, scowl. Tháinig ~ ar gach mala aige, he frowned darkly. 6. Mil. Hist: Sow.
~ muice, sow-thistle.
~ muice, swine-pox.
Suan na muice bradaí, sly, ominous, silence.
Tá éisteacht na muice bradaí aige, he has sharp ears.
~ mhuice, feigned sickness.
~ muc, (wild) hyacinth, bluebell.
~ caorach, muice, sheep’s, pig’s, head.
~ (mhuice), young pig, slip.
muice fia, hart’s-tongue.
~ muice, pig-sty.
~ (muice), crubeen, pig’s trotter.
~ de chapall, de mhuc, squat horse, pig.
~ muice, pigsty.
~ muice, pig-nut.
Tá an-ghal ar mhuca, pigs are in great demand.
An mhuc a ghearradh do Mhártan, to make an incision in a pig as symbolic sacrifice to St. Martin.
~ muice, pig bristles.
Muc ghuine, guinea-pig.
Thug siad ~ na muc is na madraí dom, they gave me ‘dog’s’ abuse, mistreated, reviled, me.
~ muice, side, flitch, of bacon.
~ muice, pig’s cheek.
Muc mheasa, mast-fed pig.
Muc mhéith, fat pig.
Tá tú ar mhuin na muice, you are on the pig’s back, in luck.
Ag cur na muc chun na ~e, fattening pigs for market.
~ muice, sticking of pig.
Muc a shá, to stick a pig.
~ mhairt, mhuice, beef-, pork-, fat.
~ muc, pigsticker.
~ muice, lean, scrawny, pig.
~ muc, mouse-ear hawkweed.
~ na muice, swine’s-cress.
~ na muc, swine’s-cress.
~ caorach, muice, madra, sheep-, pig-, dog-, louse.
~ na muice, ace of diamonds.
~ muc, swine-fever, purples.
Bhí ~ ar na muca, pigs were being sold fast.
Tá muca ~e, the price of pigs has fallen.
~ muice, rooting of pig; careless digging.
~ muc i ngairdín, the rooting of pigs in a garden.
~í muca mara, porpoises.
~ bó, muc, herd of cows, of pigs.
~ muc, pigs’ trough.
An mhuc á h~ féin sa lábán, the pig wallowing in the mud.
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