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Similar words: ordinal · ordain · ordan · ordán
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Níl ann ach ~ den saol, he is just an ordinary person.
Fear mar chách, ordinary man.
As, thar, an g~, above the ordinary, unusual.
Éirí os cionn na ~a, to rise above the ordinary level of the people.
2. C~ an Aifrinn, the Ordinary of the Mass.
Fear ~ tíre, ordinary (country)man; average man.
Duine ~ ar bith, any ordinary person.
Caint na ndaoine, ordinary speech.
I measc na ndaoine, among the (ordinary) people.
~ cothrom tíre, ordinary (country)man; average man.
~ mar chách, ordinary man.
~ um a leithéid, ordinary, insignificant, fellow.
1. Teachtaire ~, ordinary messenger.
Ár mbeatha ghnách, our ordinary lives.
As an n~, out of the ordinary.
Gnáthchúraimí tí, oifige, ordinary household, office, chores.
~í an lae, the ordinary affairs of the day; the daily routine.
An ~, the man in the street, the ordinary (lay)man.
Na gnáthdhaoine, the ordinary people.
Duine ~ an gcoitiantacht, a man above the ordinary.
Buachaill ~e, country lad; ordinary lad.
Gnásanna (na) ~e, native, ordinary, customs.
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