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duine, m. (gs. ~, pl. daoine). 1. (With article) Human being, man; (coll.) mankind. Anam, corp, nádúr, an ~, human soul, body, nature. Ceart, saoirse, cúrsaí, an ~, human right, freedom, affairs. Saol an ~, (the span of) human life. Chruthaigh Dia an ~, God created man. Dá mbeadh sé i gcumhacht an ~, if it were in man’s power. S.a. buan1, mac 1(b), saolta 1. 2. Person; (pl.) persons, people. (a)~ óg, aosta, young, old, person. ~ fásta, mór, grown-up, adult, person. ~ uasal, gentleman. ~ beag lách, pleasant little fellow. ~ ann féin, peculiar fellow. ~ ar leith, a person apart. ~ le Dia, simpleton. Céad ~, a hundred persons. Dream daoine, class of people. Daoine bochta, saibhre, poor, rich, people. An cineál sin daoine, people of that kind. Labhairt le ~, to speak to a person. S.a. aosta, gnaoi12. (b)(pl.) Common people, folk. Saol na ndaoine, the life of the people. Guth na ndaoine, the voice of the people. Caint na ndaoine, ordinary speech. Ceol, amhráin, na ndaoine, folk-music, -song. I measc na ndaoine, among the (ordinary) people. Le cuimhne na ndaoine, in living memory. (c) (Member of family, relative, friend) Do dhuine féin, one’s own relation. An ~ is ~ duit, the person who is close, related, to you. An té a chaill a dhuine, he who lost a member of his family. Tháinig sé de dhuine is de dhaoine, he came, comes, of a good breed and family. Bheith gan ~ gan daoine, to be all alone in the world. (d) Adult person. In aois ~, of adult age. I méid ~, grown-up. Níl ciall ~ aige, his mind has not developed. (e) (Of fairies) Na daoine beaga, na daoine maithe, the little people, the good people. (f)Mo dhuine, the person referred to, the person we have in mind, your man. (g) (Vocative) A dhuine, sir, friend.A dhaoine, my friends. A dhuine chóir, my good fellow, my dear sir. A dhuine uasail, sir. A dhuine chléibh, chroí, na n-árann, na gcarad, my dear friend; man dear, man alive. A dhuine sin, you, sir. 3. (Of persons) One. (a)~ de na fir, de na mná, de na páistí, den teaghlach, den fhoireann, one of the men, of the women, of the children, of the family, of the team. ~ againn féin, one of ourselves. Tá sé ar dhuine acu, he is one of them. Ina n~ is ina n~, one by one. ~ i ndiaidh an ~ eile, one after another. Rud a chur ó dhuine go ~, to pass sth. from one to another, round. ~ as an gcéad, one in a hundred. ~ éigin, someone. (b) (Of individual, of self) Ba dhóigh le ~ (go), one would think (that). Meallann sé ~, it entices one. Chuirfeadh sé fearg ar dhuine, it would anger one. Dá mbeadh deifir ar dhuine, if one were in a hurry. Caithfidh ~ a chuid a shaothrú, one must earn one’s living. Tuairim ~ a thabhairt, to give one’s opinion. Nach ligfeá do dhuine? Can’t you leave one alone? (c) (Of child) ~ beag, little one, new-born baby. ~ clainne, child (of family). A n~ clainne, their child. Bhí ~ clainne aici, she had a child. Cad é an ~ atá ann? What is the baby (a boy or a girl)? Bhí ~ eile i mbliana ann, there was another born this year. (d)Aon ~, ~ ar bith, any one, anybody; (with negative) no one, nobody. Aon ~ is mian leat, anyone you wish. Má tá aon ~ sásta leo, if anybody is satisfied with them. Níl aon ~ anseo, there is no one here. Níor labhair aon ~, nobody spoke. Gach aon ~, everybody. Aon ~ beo, any man alive. (e)(pl.) Some people. Síleann daoine go, some (people) think that. Tá daoine a deir é, there are those who say it. Bhí daoine a chreid é, there were those who believed it. (f)(With article) Each. Fuair siad scilling an ~, they got a shilling each. (g) Another (as opposed to one) person. Ach oiread le ~, any more than another. Tá sé chomh maith le ~, he is as good as the next. Bhí sé ann mar dhuine, he was there like the rest. (h)~ . . . ~(eile), one . . . another, some . . . others. ~ ag teacht agus ~ ag imeacht, one comes and another goes. Deir ~ seo agus ~ (eile) siúd, some say this and some say that. ~ a rachadh agus ~ nach rachadh, some would go and others would not. ~ a tháinig agus ~ nár tháinig, there were some who came and others who did not, the attendance was sparse.
A dhuine uasail, Sir.
Cibé duine a mbeidh an t-ádh air, whoever is going to be lucky.
Duine a fhágáil san ~, to leave s.o. in the lurch.
~ dea-dhuine, the makings of a good man.
~ machnaimh a thabhairt do dhuine, to give s.o. food for thought.
Níl aon duine anseo ~ mé féin, there is no one here except myself.
~ a thabhairt do dhuine, to reproach s.o.
Daoine a chur in ~ le, ina, chéile, to set people quarrelling.
Achtú ar dhuine rud a dhéanamh, to enjoin on s.o. to do sth.
An t-~ a chur ar dhuine, to bring s.o. luck.
Duine a ~t, to inflame s.o.
~ a leagan ar dhuine, to beat, chastise, s.o.
~ a thógáil de dhuine, to find an excuse for s.o., save s.o. from punishment.
~ a dhéanamh de dhuine, to make a fuss of s.o.
Duine a mholadh go h~, to praise s.o. to the skies.
Níl aon mhaith le duine ar bith aige sin, he thinks nobody is any good.
Tá duine éigin ag an madra, the dog has detected the presence of s.o.
Duine amháin, beirt, cuid, agaibh, one, two, some, of you.
Cás a ~t le duine, to plead a case with s.o.
Coir a ~t ar dhuine, to avenge a crime on s.o.
Tá ~ na ndaoine air, he is popular.
Bíonn ~ daoine ar an áit seo sa samhradh, people frequent this place in summer.
Ní raibh a oiread ~ duine ann, there was not even one person there.
~ chainte a thabhairt do dhuine, to make quick retorts, give smart answers, to s.o.
Duine ~, one who is inclined to exaggerate.
Duine ~, a quick-witted person.
As ~ mo dhaoine, where I miss my people.
~ a ghearradh ar dhuine, to steal a march on s.o.
Tá dúil aige san ól. Is iomaí duine ar a ~. He is fond of drink. It is a common affliction.
Rud a ~t ar dhuine, to rebuke, to punish, s.o. for sth.
~ a léamh, a rá (do dhuine), to say Mass (for s.o.’s intention).
~ a chur le (hanam) duine, to say Mass for the repose of s.o.’s soul.
Duine ~, lively, cheerful, person.
~ a chur ar dhuine, to accost s.o.; to start an argument with s.o.
(do dhuine, to s.o.).
~ an duine, man’s mind, way of thinking.
~ de dhuine, chunky person.
Duine a chur ar a ~, to lead s.o. astray.
Comhairle a ~a a thabhairt do dhuine, to give s.o. bad, evil, advice.
Gunna a aimsiú ar dhuine, to aim a gun at s.o.
Duine a chur ar, in, ~, to send s.o. into service, to hire out s.o.
~ a chur ar dhuine, to take s.o. into service.
Tá mé ~ ar na háiteanna, na daoine, seo, I am unfamiliar with these places, people.
~ a thabhairt do, ar, dhuine, to maltreat s.o.
Duine, file, gan ~, a nameless, anonymous, person, poet.
Duine a chur as a ~, to miscall, abuse, s.o.
Duine nó ~, man or beast.
Duine a ainmniú do phost, ina iarrthóir, to nominate s.o. to a post, as a candidate.
2. ~ de dhuine, wild, violent, person; huge person.
Duine gan ~, heedless person; unheeded person.
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