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2. ~ (phrátaí), patch of potatoes in bloom.
~ seirce, love spot, patch.
~ shúile, eye patch.
Brat ~, patch-work mantle.
~ ceo, patch of fog.
~ síne (i mballa), weathered surface, damp patch (in wall).
~ talún, (patch, stretch, of) low-lying land.
4. ~ (ar stoca), (patch of) darning (on stocking).
Chomharthaigh sé paiste talún dó féin, he marked out a patch of ground for himself.
Ní dhéanfadh sé ~ duit, he is not a patch on you.
~ a dhéanamh ar rud, to patch up sth.; to tamper with sth.
Is é an ~ é, he is such a cross-patch.
~ i bpáirc, barren patch in land.
~ ag bun na spéire, a patch on the horizon.
~ talún, patch of land.
Paiste ~, bald patch.
Tá ~a ag teacht ar an spéir, the sky is clearing in patches.
~ prátaí, potato patch.
~ sneachta, patch of snow.
~ talún, patch of ground.
~ talaimh, tiny patch of land.
~ curaíochta, patch of tillage.
Tá goráin ar an bhfarraige, there are patches of foam on the sea.
~ gairbhéil, gravel patch.
Tá ~ in úth na bó, there is a hard patch in the cow’s udder.
Ní fhágfaidh siad ~ air, they won’t leave a patch (of skin, of clothing) on him.
~ de phaiste, clumsy patch.
Paiste ~, bald patch.
~ (talaimh), patch, plot, of ground.
~ a chur ar rud, to patch sth.
~ talaimh, patch of ground.
~ a dhéanamh ar rud, to patch, patch up, sth.
Éadaí, bróga, a phaisteáil, to patch clothes, shoes.
Scéal a phaisteáil, to patch up a story.
~ talaimh, piece, patch, of ground.
Fuaigh ~ i do chasóg, sew a patch on your coat.
~ feamainne, patch of floating seaweed.
1. ~ a chur ar éadach, ar leathar, to patch cloth, leather.
Tá sé sna preabáin, he has to wear patches on his clothes; he is in rags.
3. ~ talún, patch of land.
~ aitinn, patch of furze.
2. ~ file, rhapsodical chant; flight of oratory, peroration, purple patch.
Ball ~, rusty spot; scorched patch.
~ stoca, heel-patch on stocking.
Tá ~ liath os cionn a chluaise, there is a greying patch above his ear.
Tá ~a idir na néalta, there are bright patches between the clouds.
3. ~ talún, patch of ground.
~ (talaimh), patch of poor land.
~ choirce, patch of oats.
4. ~ (thalún), patch of bleak barren land.
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