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sioc1, m. (gs. seaca).1. vn. of sioc2. 2. Frost. ~ bán, geal, liath, white, hoar, frost. ~ dubh, black frost. ~ talún, ground frost. Ag cur seaca, freezing. Rinne sé ~ aréir, there was frost last night. Aimsir, gaoth, sheaca, frosty weather, wind. Práta seaca, frost-bitten potato. S.a. beag21(a), bior11, 13, tairne 1.
sioc2, v.t. & i. (pp. ~tha).1. Freeze. Tá sé ag ~, it is freezing. Rud a shioc, to freeze sth. Meangadh ~tha, frigid smile. 2. Congeal, set; solidify, stiffen. Lig don mhoirtéal ~, let the mortar set. Buachaill ~tha, set, full-grown, young man. ~tha le fuacht, stiff, perished, with cold. Shioc an corp, the body stiffened. Fágadh ~tha leis an eagla iad, they were left numbed with fear. Bhí sé ~tha leis na gáirí, he couldn’t stop laughing.
sioc3 = tiuc.
Tá fearthainn, sneachta, sioc, air, it is going to rain, snow, freeze.
Arduithe seaca, frost-nails.
8. Sioc ~, hoar-frost.
Ní lú orm, liom, an diabhal, an sioc, ná iad, I hate them like the devil.
~ seaca, siocáin, icicle.
~(anna) seaca, reo, frost-work.
Tá an sioc, an leac oighir, ag ~adh, the frost, the ice, is yielding.
Bhris an sioc, the frost began to thaw.
~í seaca, goose-flesh from frost.
~ an diabhail, an donais, an tseaca, roimhe, bad welcome to him.
~ seaca, frost-shoe.
Oíche chrua sheaca, hard frosty night.
~ seaca, coating of frost.
Fearthainn, sioc, sneachta, toirneach, a dhéanamh, to rain, freeze, snow, thunder.
Dhéanfadh sioc de, it would turn to frost.
~ gach síne sioc, frost is the worst weather.
~ seaca, frostbite,
Rinne an sioc ~ do na barra, the frost damaged the crops.
Dhóigh an ghrian, an sioc, iad, the sun, the frost, burned, seared, them.
~ ag an sioc, seared by frost, frostbitten.
~ na cré, an tseaca, na cruach, the coldness of clay, of ice, of steel.
~ leatháin, mheilte, shioctha, shnoite, shreangaithe, sheet, ground, frozen, cut-, wired, glass.
~ seaca, calkin.
Go n-imí an sioc leat! Bad cess to you!
3. Sioc ~, hoar-frost.
Tá an ithir ina ~ tar éis an tseaca, the soil is finely powdered after the frost.
~ seaca, potato that has been exposed to frost.
~ seaca, sneachta, ice-, snow-, blink.
Ag ~ leis, teasing him.
Rinne an sioc mór ~ ar na caoirigh, the great frost wreaked havoc among the sheep.
~ bháistí, sheaca, thoirní, ronnach, rainy, frosty, thundery, mackerel-, sky.
2. ~ seaca, icicle.
~ seaca, frost-nail.
Theagmhaigh an sioc leo, they were touched by the frost.
Thiontaigh na barra dubh le sioc, the crops turned black with frost.
Tá sé ag sioc go ~, it is freezing hard.
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