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te, a. (gs. ~, npl. & comp. teo). Hot, warm. 1. Tine the, hot fire. Iarann ~, hot iron. Uisce ~, hot water. Aimsir the, warm weather. Na tíortha teo, the warm countries. Deoch the, warm drink. Buidéal ~, hot-water bottle. Ba cheart go mbeadh cluasa teo aige, (of person being discussed) his ears should be tingling. S.a. bog23, dearg22, trom38. 2. Serving to keep warm. Éadach ~, warm clothing. Tá an leaba ~ teolaí, the bed is warm and comfortable. 3. Pungent. Piobar ~, hot pepper. 4. (a) Ardent, hot-tempered. Tá sé ~ tintrí, he has a fiery temperament. Thug siad go ~ dá chéile é, they went at it hot and heavy. Lit:Tachar ~, hot encounter. Ag troid le doirne teo, fighting with naked fists. (b) Vehement, hotfoot. Go ~ sa tóir orainn, in hot pursuit of us. 5. Affectionate. Tá croí ~ aici, she has a warm heart. An bhean is teo le mo chroí, the woman dearest to my heart. 6. (Of circumstances) Comfortable. S.a. suí 5(b).7. Iron:Cara ~! Warm friend! Cuidiú ~, useless help. Fuair sí fear ~, she got a laggard of a husband.
Rud a ithe, a ól, ~ te, to eat, drink, sth. while it is warm.
Imeacht ~ te, to go off hotfoot.
~ le huisce te é, soften it with warm water.
~a teo, [’hot hands’ (children’s game).
Ar bhranraí teo, on a hot griddle.
~í teo, fomentation.
Rud a choinneáil te, i gcóir, ar snámh, to keep sth. warm, in order, afloat.
~ te, red-hot.
(Go) ~ te, nice and warm.
~ láidir, te, greannmhar, devilish, extremely, strong, hot, funny.
D’éis ár ndíbheirge is teo ár dtoil, friendships are cemented in quarrels.
~ uisce the, mianraí, hot, mineral, spring.
5. ~ te, flax fibre boiled after steeping.
D’íosfadh sé, ghoidfeadh sé, an ~ te, he would eat, steal, anything.
~ fuar, te, cold, warm, front.
Tá sé ~ te, it is extremely hot.
~ the, hot-bed.
Más te más fuar an lá, let the day be hot or cold.
Te as an ~, fresh from the oven.
~ te, hot-plate.
Duine a ~adh le huisce te, le gal, to scald s.o. with hot water, with steam.
Tá siad ina ~ go te, they are comfortably placed, well off.
Tá siad ina suí go te ~, they are warmly and comfortably seated; they are in very comfortable circumstances.
Teach te ~, warm and comfortable house.
Chomh ~ (géar, te) is a thig leat, as fast as ever you can.
Níl rud ar bith ~ (ná te) aige, he will stop at nothing.
3. ~ te, at once, immediately.
Déan é ~ te, do it at once.
~ fuar, te, cold, hot, water.
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