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uisce, m. (gs. ~, pl. -cí). Water. 1. (a)~ fuar, te, cold, hot, water. ~ glan, milis, úr, clean, sweet, fresh, water. ~ bog, (i) soft water, (ii) lukewarm water. ~ crua, hard water. ~ reatha, running water. ~ abhann, díge, portaigh, tobair, river-, ditch-, bog-, well-, water. ~ fearthainne, ~ na spéire, rain-water. ~ goirt, brackish water. ~ salach, dirty water. Ag caitheamh ~ salach ar dhuine, vilifying s.o. ~ beannaithe, water from holy well. ~ coisricthe, holy water. Ní dhéanfadh sé ~ coisricthe dúinn, it is nowhere near enough to meeting our needs. ~ a chur ar rud, to water sth. ~ a chur i rud, to mix sth. with water; to water down sth. (b)~ ionnalta, water for washing face, etc. ~ níocháin, water for washing clothes, etc. Nigh aníos as dhá ~ é, rinse it out twice in clean water. ~ cos, water in which feet have been washed. ~ prátaí, uibheacha, water in which potatoes, eggs, have been boiled. Ní fiú ~ na bprátaí, na gcos, é, it is quite worthless. S.a. ros13. 2. (a)~ aeraithe, aerated water. ~ aoil, lime-water. ~ potaise, potash-water. ~ ruibhe, sulphur-water. ~ sóide, soda-water. (b)~ beatha, whiskey. 3. Body of water. Dul thar ~, to cross water. Long a chur ar an ~, to float a ship. Os cionn ~, above water. Dul faoi ~, to submerge. Tá an talamh faoi ~, the land is flooded. I gcraiceann an ~, level with the surface of the water, awash. Idir dhá ~, partly submerged, water-logged. S.a. snámh21(a).~ domhain, tanaí, deep, shallow, water. ~ cladaigh, inshore water. ~ bharr talún, surface water. ~ cúil, backwater. ~ faoi thalamh, underground water; Fig: intrigue. ~faoi thalamh a dhéanamh i gcoinne duine, to intrigue against s.o. ~ lonnaithe, stagnant water. ~ marbh, dead water. ~ stiúrach báid, slipstream of boat. ~ taoide, tidal water. Uiscí intíre, inland waters. Uiscí teorann, territorial waters. Uiscí uachtair, head-water(s). 4. Rain, tears, saliva. Déanfaidh an oíche anocht ~, it will rain heavily tonight. Is mór an lán ~ atá caite aige, there has been a heavy fall of rain. Bhí ~ lena shúile, his eyes were running. Chuir sé ~ le m’fhiacla, it made my mouth water. 5. Urine. S.a. caoin32, madra11(b), tím, tinneas 1.
Uisce a ól, to drink water.
An t-amadán is mó idir ~ is uisce, the greatest fool on earth.
~ uisce, water-diviner.
~ an uisce sa loch, sa bhairille, the level of the water in the lake, in the barrel.
~ uisce, journey to fetch water.
Iasc úr ~ as an uisce, fish fresh out of the water.
Bhí an t-uisce ~ go glúine orm, the water was up to my knees.
Nigh as uisce é, wash it in water.
Gail a bhaint as uisce, to bring water to the boil.
3. Thar a bhaint san uisce, out of his depth in the water.
~ le huisce, baptism with water.
Teacht ar ~ (uisce, talaimh), to break the surface (of water, soil).
D’éirigh siad i m~ uisce, they rose to the surface of the water.
~ uisce, water-way.
Uisce, feoil, a bheiriú, to boil water, meat.
Uisce beirithe, boiling water.
Uisce ~, lukewarm water.
~ le huisce te é, soften it with warm water.
2. ~ uisce, palmful of water.
~ uisce, palmful of water.
1. ~ uisce, water held in cupped hands.
~ bainne, uisce, drop of milk, of water.
~ uisce, seepage of water.
Uisce ~, muddy water.
~ deataigh, uisce, eruption of smoke, water.
Uisce ag ~adh aníos as an talamh, water bursting up from the ground.
~ na dtrí n-uisce, the confluence of three streams.
Bhí sé á cháibleáil san uisce, he was being tossed about in the water.
Uisce a chaidéalú, to pump water.
~ uisce, gush of water.
8. ~ (ar uisce), ripple (in water).
Chaoin sí uisce a cinn, she cried her eyes out.
Uisce ~, narrow water.
~ uisce, waterhen.
~ na gréine ar an uisce, the play of sunlight on the water.
3. Dul faoi uisce an cheatha, (i) to go with the (foolish) majority, (ii)
Tháinig mo chuid d’uisce an cheatha orm, I had my share of misfortune; I got soaked like the rest.
~ uisce, thrá, pond, sea, slater.
~ uisce, sáile, water-, sea-, blister.
~ uisce, water closet.
~ uisce, hemp agrimony.
~ báistí, uisce, sudden downpour.
~ uisce, water equivalent.
Bhí an t-uisce go ~ air, the water came up to his middle.
Uisce a choimeád, to hold water.
A chóimhéid uisce a chur leis, to add an equal amount of water to it.
Chuaigh sí faoi choinne uisce, she went to fetch water.
Uisce a choinneáil, to hold water.
~ uisce, water system.
Uisce coisreacain, holy water.
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