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tobar, m. (gs. -air, pl. toibreacha).Well; fountain, spring, source. ~ beannaithe, holy well. ~ abhann, fountain-head of river. ~ eagna, eolais, fountain of wisdom, of knowledge. ~ na baithise, fontanelle.
ón trá, as an tobar, up from the strand, out of the well.
~ tobair, well-boat.
~eadh an áit as an tobar, the place was named after the well.
Tobar ~, dead well.
Tobar, uaigh, do chlaidhe, to dig a well, a grave.
Níl ~ sa tobar, there is not a drop in the well.
Dhírigh Dia chun an tobair sin é, God directed his steps towards that well.
Chuaigh an tobar i n~, the well dried up.
Tobar a dhísciú, to drain out a well.
Poll, díog, tobar, a dhoimhniú, to deepen a hole, a dyke, a well.
Taisce, tobar, a fháil, to find a treasure, a well.
Tobar ~, spring of fresh water, [’spring well’.
Ghin tobar ann, a well sprang up there.
~ an tobair, moor-grass.
~ tobair, casing of well.
~ an tobar, the well filled.
Mhaidhm tobar as, a well sprang up from it.
4. Canna, clais, cruibhéad, tobar, treoir, vearnais, ~, oil-can, -groove, -crust, -well, -gauge, -varnish.
Ar dhul go ~ an tobair dom, when I got within sight of the well.
Níl ~ sa tobar, there isn’t a drop of water in the well.
~ tobair, mouth of well.
Tobar a thaomadh, to empty out a well.
~ an tobair a dhéanamh, to make the round of the well.
Tá an tobar ~, the well has run dry.
~ tobair, well-sinking.
~ tobair, drying up of well.
Thráigh an tobar, the well dried up.
Tobar na h~ mhaitheasa, the fount of all goodness.
~ abhann, díge, portaigh, tobair, river-, ditch-, bog-, well-, water.
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