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timpeall, m. (gs. & npl. -pill, gpl. ~).1. (a) Round, circuit; roundabout. ~ an tobair a dhéanamh, to make the round of the well. Tá ~ amháin eile le déanamh agam, I have to make one more round. An ~ a ghabháil, a thabhairt leat, to take the roundabout way. Ná cuir an ~ ort féin, don’t go the long way round. Chuir siad míle de thimpeall orthu féin, they added a mile to their journey by going round. Rud a chur sa ~, to pass sth. round. Agus mar sin sa ~, and so on all round. (b) Surrounding, encircling, position. Sheas siad ina thimpeall, they stood round him. Na daoine atá inár d~, the people round about us. Tháinig siad sa ~ orainn, they surrounded us. Ní féidir teacht ina thimpeall, it is impossible to circumvent him. (Of subject) Ag teacht ina thimpeall, discussing it. (c) Ambit, precincts. Tá ~ an tí le cothromú go fóill, the place round the house has still to be levelled. (d) Circumference, girth. Tá ceithre troithe de thimpeall aige, it has a circumference of four feet. Tá do sháith de thimpeall agat, you have quite a girth. 2. (As adv.) Round, about. Ag dul ~, going round. Tá an scéal ag dul ~, the story is going the round. Ag siúl ~, walking about. Shuigh siad ~, they sat round. ~ leat! ~ libh! Round you go. Thart ~, round about. Anseo ~, hereabouts. Faoi mhíle ~, within a mile radius. 3. (As prep. or in prep. phrase)(a) Round, about. Dul ~ an domhain, to go round the world. An fharraige atá ~ orainn, the seas around us. Chruinnigh siad ~ orm, they gathered round me. Cuir sreangán ~ air, put a string round it. Tá siad ~ an tí in áit éigin, they are somewhere about the house. ~ na Nollag, around Christmas. (b) Approximately. ~ le míle slí, a distance of about a mile. ~ (is) fiche bliain ó shin, about twenty years ago. Céad meáchain nó ~ air, a hundredweight or thereabouts. ~ a deich (a chlog), about ten (o’clock). (c) In regard to, concerning. Bhí mé ag iarraidh eolais ina d~, I was looking for information about them. Ghabh trua mhór ina ~ é, he felt great pity on her account. Tá sé an-eolach ~ ar chapaill, he knows a lot about horses. Lit:I d~ substainte na dtrí bpearsan, concerning the substance of the three persons (in God.).
Timpeall ~, tuairim ~, céad, about one hundred.
Bailígí thart, timpeall, orm anseo, gather, assemble, around me here.
Ag déanamh, ag baint, ~í timpeall na bó, running, circling, round the cow.
Ag bolú timpeall, nosing around.
~adh thart, timpeall, to turn about.
~ timpeall, about turn.
Bhí siad ina g~ cuid timpeall air, they were all over him (welcoming him).
~ timpill, body-guard.
Timpeall na g~, round the shores, the coast.
Bhí ~ beag (daoine) timpeall air, he was surrounded by a little group (of people).
Bhí siad ina g~ timpeall air, they were clustered about him.
Ag déanamh ~e, ~í oibre, timpeall an tí, doing odd jobs about the house.
Timpeall na ~, round the globe.
Cruinniú thart, timpeall, ar dhuine, to gather round s.o.
An ~ timpeall, máguaird, the surrounding country.
Is ea a chuamar timpeall na tíre, what we did was to go round the country.
Ag ~ timpeall, circling round; loitering about.
2. ~ (thart, timpeall), circle, move, about.
~aint síos, suas, i do thimpeall, an bealach eile, to look down, up, around, the other way.
Ag ~ timpeall ar scéal, talking round, trying to broach, a subject.
Ag ~ (timpeall), darting about.
Ag ~ thart, timpeall, fluttering about.
An t-aicearra, an timpeall, a ghabháil, to take the short cut, the long way round.
~ síos, amach, do leataobh, timpeall, go down, out, to one side, round.
Is beag an ~ a bhí timpeall air, he didn’t make much of a stir; he was a quiet man.
Ag ~ i mo thimpeall, hovering about me.
Ag imeacht timpeall, ó áit go háit, going about, from place to place.
(ar, timpeall, towards, round).
Tá sé leáite timpeall a ghnóthaí, he doesn’t know how to go about his work.
Duine a ~úint timpeall, to follow s.o. around.
Ag ~ timpeall air, hanging about him, toadying to him.
Ag ~ timpeall, parading about.
Ag ~ timpeall, running around.
~ sé deoch timpeall, he sent round a drink.
Bhí ~ páistí timpeall air, the children were swarming round him.
Chruinnigh ~ beag timpeall orainn, a small crowd gathered round us.
Ag ~ thart, timpeall an tí, pottering about, doing odd jobs about the house.
Ag siúl timpeall, anonn is anall, amach is isteach, walking about, to and fro, in and out.
~ an cogadh timpeall an domhain, the war spread round the world.
Bhíomar inár ~ timpeall, ar na binsí, ar aghaidh a chéile, we were sitting around, on the benches, facing one another.
Thug sé timpeall na háite sinn, he took us round the place.
Ní raibh siad ~ ina thimpeall, they didn’t stand firmly by him.
~ go socair timpeall an chúinne, come easy round the corner.
~ timpeall na háite, round about the place.
Chuir sé ~ dá bhachall ina thimpeall, he marked it round with his staff.
Ní imeoidh an ~ is an timpeall orainn, if we can’t go by the strand we can go round, we’ll manage one way or another.
I d~ éigin timpeall orainn, somewhere around us.
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