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troscadh could be a grammatical form of: troisc »
troscadh, m. (gs. -aidh, pl. -aí).1. vn. of troisc1. 2. Fast. Bheith i do throscadh, to be fasting. Chuaigh mé ann i mo throscadh, I went there fasting, without having breakfasted. ~ a dhéanamh, to fast, to observe an ecclesiastical fast. An té a bhfuil ~ air, he who is bound to fast. Má tá ~ ar fheoil, if flesh-meat is forbidden. Lá troscaidh, fast-day. ~ an anama, Ember-days. S.a. tréanach1.
Tá troscadh ar an A~, (each) Friday is a fast day.
Troscadh ~, complete fast.
~ troscaidh, fast-day.
Troscadh ~, fast with abstinence from flesh-meat.
Troscadh agus ~, fast and abstinence.
Troscadh sa Charghas, to fast in Lent.
Troscadh ar fheoil, to abstain from meat.
Troscadh ar dhuine, to fast against s.o. (in order to obtain demand or request).
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