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trua could be a grammatical form of: truaigh » · truaigh »
trua1, f. (gs. ~, pl. ~nna).1. Pity. (a) Sympathy, compassion. ~ a bheith agat do dhuine, to feel pity for s.o. Tháinig ~ agam dóibh, I began to pity them. Ghlac sé ~ dom, he took pity on me. Chuirfeadh sí ~ ort, you would have to pity her. Le ~ dúinn a rinne sé é, he did it out of pity for us. ~ a dhéanamh do dhuine, to take pity on s.o.; to sympathise with s.o. Lucht mo thrua, my sympathisers. Bhí sé ag déanamh ~ dó féin, he was bemoaning his plight. Níl aon ~ aige dó féin, he never spares himself. Níl ~ ar bith ann, he has no compassion. Duine gan ~, pitiless person. ~ gan tarrtháil, worthless sympathy. (b) Matter for regret. Is mór an ~ nach raibh tú linn, it’s a great pity you weren’t with us. (c) Object of pity. Is mór an ~ an duine bocht, the poor fellow is to be pitied. Is mé an ~ acu, I am in a pitiable state with them. Nach mé an ~ Mhuire agaibh! I am to be pitied because of you! Is beag an ~ é, it serves him right. Mo thrua! Alas! (Sometimes ironical) Mo thrua thú! I pity you! Mo thrua do cheann! What’s gone wrong with your head? S.a. dearc3, díol14, muire 1. 2. Miserable person, wretch. An ~ bhocht, the poor wretch. An tréan agus an ~, the strong and the weak. A thrua! You wretch! 3. Lean meat. S.a. méith11.
trua2, a3. 1. (a) Pitiable; miserable, wretched. Gáir thrua, pitiful cry. Briathra ~, piteous words. Daoine ~, wretched people. (b) (With copula) Is ~ (go), it is a pity (that). Is ~ sin! What a pity! Is ~ gan a luach agam, I wish I had the price of it. Is ~ nár fhan (mé) sa bhaile, I’m sorry I didn’t stay at home. Is ~ do lucht an droch-chroí, woe unto the evil-hearted. Is ~ don té atá ina muinín, pity the person who has to depend on them. Is ~ liom iad, I pity them. S.a. cás11(a).2. (a) Lean. Feoil thrua, lean meat. (b) Thin, emaciated; wasting. Seanduine tanaí ~, thin worn-out old man. S.a. galar 1.
trua3 :truaigh1.
~ trua, déirce, an object of pity, of charity.
Tá trua m’~a agam dó, from my heart I pity him.
Is trua an té atá ag brath oraibh, anyone who depends on you is to be pitied.
Is trua liom do chás, I am sorry about your trouble.
Is trua liom do chor, I am sorry for your plight.
Trua a dhéanamh do dhuine, to take pity on s.o.
~ trua, twinge of pity.
Is trua í ina dhiaidh, she is to be pitied that he is gone.
~ trua é, he deserves to be pitied.
~ trua, pitilessness.
Urraim, trua, a bheith agat do dhuine, to have respect, pity, for s.o.
Is é an trua é nach raibh tú ann, it is a pity you were not there.
Is trua mé ina ~, I am to be pitied without it.
Is trua liom an té a ~adh libh, I pity the person who has to put up with you.
Ní raibh ~ mo thrua le fáil, there was no man to pity me.
Ghabh trua mé dóibh, I felt sorry for them.
~ trua, pine disease (in cattle, sheep).
Is trua ~ teach acu, it is a pity that they haven’t got a house.
An té nach trua leis do chás ná déan do ghearán leis, do not look for sympathy where there is none.
Trua a ghlacadh do dhuine, to take pity on s.o.
Ghlac eagla, náire, trua, é, fear, shame, pity, seized him.
Trua gan tusa i m’~, I wish you were in my position.
~ agus trua, fat and lean.
Mo thrua iad! I pity them!
~ an trua, more’s the pity.
A Mhuire, is trua! Alas!
Is fearr ‘A Mhuire mo thrua’ ná ‘A Mhuire, mo náire’, defeat is better than disgrace.
Is trua ~ chuir tú i mo chead é, it is a pity you didn’t ask my permission.
Trua agus ~, pity and compassion.
~ don trua, compassion for the weak.
Is trua nach dtaithíonn sé an baile, it is a pity he doesn’t spend more time at home.
Tháinig trua agam dóibh, I began to feel pity for them.
Ghabh trua mhór ina ~ é, he felt great pity on her account.
Is trua liom an mháthair atá ag ~im libh, I pity the mother who is sacrificing herself for you.
Ní sheasfaidh mé é a thréan ná a threas, a thréan ná a thrua, I won’t be able to bear it, no matter how I try.
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