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um, prep. (Pron. forms:umam, umat, uime m, uimpi f, umainn, umaibh, umpu) (Lenites c, d, f, g, s, t; for rules governing use with article see an1). 1. (a)(Of time) About, at. ~ nóin, at noon. ~ thráthnóna, in the evening. ~ Cháisc, ~ Nollaig, at Easter, at Christmas. ~ an am sin, about that time. S.a. taca12(a).(b) Round, on. Do chuid éadaigh a chur ~at, to put on one’s clothes. Tá sé ag cur uime, he is dressing himself. S.a. buail um, gabh um. 2. Lit:(a) Round, about. D’iaigh siad ~ an rí, they closed in about the king. ~aibh de gach leith, around you on all sides. (b) At, along. ~ Shionainn, by the banks of the Shannon. (c) Along with. Agus a bheirt mhac uime, with his two sons accompanying him. (d) Within compass of. Chuadar ~ an gcoill, they went into the wood. (e) Against. Thug sé béim de ~ an gcoirthe, he struck it against the stone. 3. Lit: About, concerning, in regard to, on account of. Beidh olc uimpi, harm will come of her. Is uime thug Dia chugainn é, that is why God brought him to us. An fáth ~ a ndearna é, the reason why he did it. Duine a éaradh ~ rud, to refuse s.o. Chomhraic siad ~ aon bhairín, they fought over a single loaf. Ag fonóid uime, jeering at him. Ar mhéad a grá uime, so great was her love for him. Déan truaighe ~am, have pity on me. Ghuíos é ~ a thrócaire, I implored him for his mercy. Ba lonn an iníon ~ an scéal sin, the girl was angry about that story. Mhaígh a ghean gáire air uime, he broke into a laugh over it. Saint ~ an domhan, greed for worldly things.
ag, ar, faoi, le, ó, roimh, thar, trí, um eclipses
Bhuail mé uime, I ran into him, met him.
~ umat é, throw it over you.
~ umat é, put it round you.
~ umat, get dressed.
Éadach a ghabháil umat, to put on clothes.
~áil umat rud a dhéanamh, to undertake to do sth.
3. Ghabh sé uime ina fhocal, he went back on his promise.
Ghabh an lá uime ina thaitneamh, the day did not live up to its promise.
~ um a leithéid, ordinary, insignificant, fellow.
D’~ siad um an dún, they closed in on, surrounded, the fort.
Is umainn iafaid uile, they will all rally round us.
~ faoi, uime, he flew into a passion.
Faoi, um, ~, at noon.
~ uime, he became contorted.
Faoin ~ seo, um an d~ seo, about this time, by now.
Tháinig sé ~, um thráthnóna, he came in the evening, this evening.
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