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~ an drochmhadra agus ní heagal duit an dea-mhadra, mollify the wicked and you need not fear the strong.
Cion an chiontaigh ar an neamhchiontach, the innocent suffers for the crimes of the wicked.
~ a dhéanamh, to do a wicked deed.
Tá ~ an diabhail air, he is in a wicked mood.
Is ~ an dream iad, they are a wicked lot.
Tá ~ chun aighnis uirthi, she is in a wicked mood.
Tá an ~ (ina sheasamh) idir a dhá shúil, there is a wicked, a roguish, look about him.
Tá casachtach an diabhail air, he has a wicked cough.
Tá ~ ann, he has a wicked temper.
Is é an ~ é, he is a wicked character.
Tá an ~ (ina sheasamh) istigh ann, he has a wicked nature; he is full of devilment.
Bréag ~, wicked lie.
Duine mallaithe, accursed, wicked, person.
Duine ~, wicked, dangerous, person.
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