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accident, s. 1 a Timpiste f, taisme m, tionóisc f. By accident, trí thimpiste, de thaisme. By a mere accident, go díreach de thaisme. b Serious accident, drochthimpiste. Fatal accident, tubaiste mharfach. Accident to machinery, ainghléas m. He had, met with, an accident, bhain míthapa, timpiste, de. Prov: Accidents will happen, nuair a thig an chaill tig an fhaill; ní leithne an t-aer ná an timpiste. S.a. CHAPTER 1. 2 Aimhréidhe f (talún). 3 Phil: Aicíd f.
Bad accident, drochthimpiste f.
An accident bereaved him of his father, maraíodh a athair go tubaisteach air.
To blame sth., for an accident, taisme a chur síos do rud, a leagan ar rud.
He was the cause of the accident, ba é ba chiontach, ba chionsiocair, leis an timpiste.
An accident happened, tharla timpiste.
Without accident to life or limb, gan bascadh gan bárthain.
He met with an accident, bhain, tharla, taisme dó.
Nasty accident, drochthimpiste f.
To take precautions against an accident, faichill a dhéanamh ar fhaitíos na timpiste.
To report an accident to the police, tuairisc ar thimpiste a thabhairt do na gardaí.
His infirmity is the result of an accident, timpiste a d'fhág ciothramach é.
Damage resulting from an accident, damáiste de dheasca timpiste.
Traffic accident, tionóisc bhóthair.
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