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knowing could be a grammatical form of: know »
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knowing1, a. Cliste, fadcheannach, glic. A knowing smile, gáire glic. He put on a knowing look, chuir sé cuma an eolais air féin.   knowingly, adv. 1 I gcomhfhios, go feasach. I have never knowingly injured him, níor rinne mé dochar ariamh dó d'aonturas. 2 Go glic, go heolach.
knowing2, s. 1 Tuiscint f -ceana, fios m -easa, eolas m. 2 There is no knowing why . . ., níl a fhios cén fáth . . ., ní féidir a rá cad chuige . . .
He's a knowing card, ógánach cliste é.
He is a knowing one, is feasach an mac é.
I am proud of knowing him, is onóir liom aithne a bheith agam air.
It's worth knowing, is mór an gar a fhios againn.
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