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New English–Irish Dictionary has an entry for play out »
play out, v.tr. 1 Léirím (dráma) go deireadh. 2 The organ played them out, bhí an t-orgán á chasadh dóibh agus iad ag dul amach. 3 He is played out, tá sé spíonta.
To play out of doors, súgradh a dhéanamh amuigh faoin aer.
The ball was in play, out of play, bhí an liathróid san imirt, as an imirt.
v.tr.The band played the troops out of the town, rinne an banna na saighdiúirí a chomóradh amach as an mbaile le ceol.
To play out of one's turn, imirt roimh uain.
The play was a wash-out, bhí an dráma go hainnis.
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