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sit-down, attrib.a. (Stailc) ar láthair na oibre.
sit down, v.i. Suím (fúm). Please sit down, bí i do shuí. To sit down to table, suí isteach chun boird. F: To sit down under an insult, achasán a fhulaingt. F: To sit down hard on a plan, scéim a bhrú faoi chois.
Do sit down! ara, suigh síos!
To sit down on the ground, suí ar an talamh.
Just sit down, please, ar mhiste leat suí.
To sit down to table, suí chun boird, chun bia.
To sit down to table, suí chun boird.
Won't you sit down? bí i do shuí.
Creidim ionat
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