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aill, f. (gs. ~e, pl. ~te). Cliff, precipice. Titim le h~, to fall down a cliff. Ná caith le h~ é, don’t throw it away. ~ fir, craggy, powerful, man.
~ aille, brink of cliff.
Tá sé ~te ar bharr na haille, it is set on the very edge of the cliff.
2. ~ aille, samphire.
Aill chairbreach, rugged cliff.
Tá an aill ag ~eamh amach, the cliff is overhanging.
Nead ~ aille, mare’s nest.
~ aille, rock-dove.
~ aille, rock-dove.
Aill chrochta, overhanging cliff.
~ aille, hole in cliff.
Rud a chur thar bhalla, thar aill, to put, throw, sth. over a wall, a cliff.
Aill dhíreach, perpendicular cliff.
Aill, crann, dréimire, a dhreapadh, to climb a cliff, a tree, a ladder.
~ aille, mara, cliff-, sea-, bird.
~ aille, edge of cliff.
~ aille, ‘cliff-grass’, tough grass unsuitable for feeding purposes.
Chomh tur le ~ aille, completely unappetizing.
~ aille, edge of cliff.
~ aille, boird, edge of cliff, of table.
2. ~ aille, ledge in cliff.
Gaotha, aillte, ~a, perilous winds, cliffs.
Mala, aill, ghéar, steep slope, cliff.
I n~ san aill, caught in the cliff.
Thit sé leis an aill, he fell down the cliff.
Ná ~ leis an aill iad, don’t let them fall down the cliff.
~ cnoic, aille, top of hill, of cliff.
~ aille, sparrow-hawk.
Tá ~ (amach) ar an aill, the cliff overhangs.
~ aille, crumbling of cliff.
~ an aill, the face of the cliff fell away.
~ aille, edge of precipice.
~eanna a gearradh san aill, steps that were cut in the cliff.
Tháinig sé anuas an aill, he climbed down the cliff.
Má thiteann an chaora leis an aill, if the sheep falls down the cliff.
~ aille, slope of cliff.
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